Kerry Cassidy: William Tomkins, Two Video Interviews on extraterrestrials and US Secret Space Program

Extraterrestial Intelligence
Kerry Cassidy

His story is authentic. He is absolutely correct about Apollo …the help we had, the role of the reptilians… It’s rather a mess but he wrote it around the age of 80 or something…Bob Wood was one of his handlers.

Tompkins was the real thing. If you watch my 3 hour interview (below in two parts) you will get it.

He wanted to tell people about the degree of abuse humans are receiving including pedophilia and satanism. He was going to be on my show for a 2nd interview that had been scheduled for a month. The night before he called me and told me he never wanted to speak with me again and not to ever try to call him!! He had been told not to talk to me. They couldn’t control him when he spoke to me … we had a connection and the Pleiadians were speaking through him.

Do not attempt to evaluate the man without first seeing my 2 part interview with him.

Note: Bob Wood is Dr. Robert Wood who along with his son Ryan Wood started the well known website analyzing in a forensic fashion the MJ12 documents. Bob Wood worked for TRW for many years, is former Navy and very much in the know.

In my interview with Tompkins (where he tells more than he is supposed to..) he states that even more than him, Robert Wood knew the whole story of the Reptilian/Grey agenda, use of humans as sex slaves and, food and also rampant pedophilia on this planet. He said Bob Wood wanted the story to come out but was afraid to talk about it (or under orders not to talk about it). This is one of the biggest secrets.


ROBERT STEELE: Kerry Cassidy was the first to interview William Tompkins, others exploiting his work came later. I agree that the videos speak for themselves, they are substantilly superior to the book that was put together by  third parties. I am amending my book review, below, to point to the two core videos which elevate Tomkins — but not the book — to five stars.

Review: Selected by extraterrestrial My life in the secret world of UFOs, think-tanks and Nordic secretaries by William Mills Tompkins

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