Mongoose: Full Disclosure is Inevitable — Upgrading Storming of Area 51 (and Federal Reserve) to Possible UPDATE 4 — To Be Discussed at August Disclosure Conference

Extraterrestial Intelligence

Half a million people pledge to storm Area 51 to ‘see them aliens’

‘Ready to protect US & its assets’: Military warns 750k+ alien hunters NOT to storm Area 51

Phi  Beta Iota: There are jokes and then there are travesties. The joke is that 750,000 people are going to over-run Area 51.  Not anytime soon, there are electromagnetic defenses that fry people who go beyond a certain point — up to that point they simply puke and lose  consciousness.  It would of course be interesting to see stacks of puking and unconscious bodies, that could be what is called a “precipitant” of revolution (like the Tunesian fruit seller) as opposed to a “pre-condition,” all of which exist in the USA today, notably the concentration of wealth and the loss of confidence in the legitimacy of government at all levels.  SEE UPDATE 3 as change to the above.

The travesty is that the US Government, among many others, has been repressing anti-gravity, free energy, anti-aging, and healing technologies for decades. President Donald Trump, in promising to declassify the 6,000 patents under secrecy orders, has offered hope.  SEE UPDATE 3 on hard date in mid-September per David Wilcock.

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Robert Steele: What Would a Full Disclosure Government Look Like? Bill and Robert’s Excellent Adventure (Preview) UPDATE 20

Event: Robert Steele, 19 October 2019, Berkeley Springs, “Full Disclosure: What Has Been Hidden, What Can We Know, Why Does It Matter?”

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UPDATE 2: If It Happens It Will Be Live Streamed

Local Nevada Company Says It Will Livestream Planned Area 51 Raid In September

UPDATE 3: Upgrading public stormings to possible (not probable)

Alert Reader writes in:

There now appears to be some synchonicity between our President, Q, a hard date in mid-September for disclosure of secret technologies, and an expansion of the concept to include the Federal Reserve as a target for public takeover.  Shades of the 1960's sit-ins. If the public can mobilize a very well disciplined crowd at Area 51, electromagnetic weapons may not be used if the President sides with the public and the media is present in force.  What interesting times.  Below from one of our scouts.

Like you i saw the area 51 event popping up in the news cycle, and i caught it very early. Now the whole internet is lit with stuff about it.

Like these memes (tip of the hat to for easy conversion from Google's shit wepp to a proper jpeg.  Free.  Bravo.

and these are just a small sample of the things i see floating by. (generally, each 10 memes contain about 1 or 2 about area 51) If someone wanted us to pay attention, they have done their job.

But a few things strike me as odd. okay, you got the regular prankster stuff that occurs during these months. But this feels different. Its set up as a prank but i don't think it is.

first of all, the date this will take place strikes me as odd. 20 September, why then? Thats on a Friday, normal kids will be at school and grown ups will probably be at work.

Until i remembered David Wilcock saying there was a hard mid-september deadline for declassification.

In his second last article

he says this clearly in the very first paragraph.

“Finally, after a year and a half of buildup, the team behind Q Anon appears to be on the verge of unsealing thousands of indictments and declassifying a wealth of contentious information.

Our latest briefings indicate that there is a “hard deadline” of mid-September 2019 for what they are calling DECLAS. By then, a huge wealth of world-changing intel should have been released.

It has been quite a long and arduous journey to reach this point, but the proof of a coming Major Event is utterly undeniable once we survey the landscape.”

mid-september, that would be around the september 10-20th period.

So, could this be an ‘alliance' thing to set the public up to pay attention to area 51 on that date?

Of course, i saw your comments of a fence of electromagnetic weapons to make sick or even vaporise humans instantly. This would be a tragic waste of life. As already a million people noted on facebook they would attend.

But what if some declas event would bring out the reality of advanced DEW weaponery hidden in black projects. or unveil entire black projects and the hidden space program. Then the area 51 raid would be a symbolic act of the public taking control of hidden projects, space weapons and space infrastructure.

Or, the raid serves as a cataclyst to unveil all this, because losing half a million people to a EM fence is a tragic very very public loss of face for the government and at worst a tragic loss of many lives — which would hurt the President's re-election if he allow it to happen.

this can perhaps be seen as a counter meme: as a reference for that GoT character who turned pure evil in the last episode and murdered millions in some kind of satanic revenge. (tip of hat to david wilcock in his second-recent article)

There are also variations on the raid popping up:

update: already 1,4 million people will attend the raid. and its going mainstream in europe:

So what do you think of this theory?

btw there has been a leak too about america's/UN nukes being stored in europe. And its causing political waves.

And deutche bank continues to implode, there is now a high level bankrun going on by hedgefunds. Speculation is rampant this will trigger a Lehman event soon.

Britain now has Boris as leading man, and he is taking care of a no-deal brexit to be guaranteed by oct 31. essentially collapsing the EU afterwards.

I see many signs and dots to connect that a history chain of events is about to take place.

Update 4: To be discussed 24 August 2019 by David Wilcok — 100 seats remaining,

Conference Home Page

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Event: Robert Steele, 19 October 2019, Berkeley Springs, “Full Disclosure: What Has Been Hidden, What Can We Know, Why Does It Matter?”

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