Randy Short: My Very Black Opinion on “The Squad”

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My very black opinion:

Tlaib is part of thee uber-racist Middle Eastern community that hates Blacks in Detroit and Dearborn more than M-K Ultra Nazis on steroids. She is using her Congressional seat to fight for the rights of people in Palestine at the expense of totally ignoring and neglecting Blacks in Michigan. Blacks are horribly oppressed by cabals of extremely hostile and racist immigrants who worship the Democratic party's manifest destiny of replacing African-Indigenous Americans with so-called people of color. As a rule, Tlaib's kind of people hate Black folk's guts, and the Democratic machine duped them into voting for this foul-mouthed and racist woman.

Pressley is a political prosthesis sharecropper in service of the radical lesbian feminists and LGBTQIAP Gestapo, and she is likely to maintain her seat as long as she twerks for the far-left crowd that is using her as blackface political minstrel to conceal their racism. Massachusetts is replete with a garden variety of bohemian reprobates, and these folks are pimping Pressley's melanin to continue their maniacal crusade to make gay the new Black.

Omar is a Somali first and foremost, and many people in the Somali community view Blacks as an inferior and subhuman infidel whom they dismiss as often as they hate. Omar is a free-loading beneficiary of the far-left fringe of feminists, sexuality extremists, and radical doctrinaire syndicalistic Marxists-Leninists. Omar is a controlled science project of anti-Zionistic Jews whom she will stab in the back. Ethiopians, Kenyans, and Yemeni people have lore rich in stories of the Somali peoples' penchant for covenant-breaking. Disgraced domestic violence king former Congressman Keith Ellerson blessed the candidacy of Omar–despite the grossly insular, rabidly-insular, sectarian, and Darwinian ethos of many factions in the Somali community. As far as Black people are concerned, Omar is a Somali version of former President Obama wherein aside from not being white nothing worthwhile will come to us from her having been elected. Omar is a political version of Somali human trafficking gangs–she is grooming naive innocents to be prostituted to benefit others. We have to be honest with ourselves. Somalia and its people have been through decades of war and instability, and it is fair to say Omar and a large number of Somalis suffer from PTSD and need healing not political power to displace their rage and anger on Americans who have received them with open arms.

AOC is a self-hating Mulatto Puerto Rican who craves white acceptance and inclusion. Her self-destructive histrionics are a manifestation of her neurotic need to be accepted as a white woman. Anyone who has never seen the old film “The Imitation of Life” would be unaware that Castro's political career mimics the film's antagonist Pinky. Mark Twain and William Falkner among the greatest American writers penned stories of the pathologies tragic mulatto and had they lived to see the political horror show of AOC they would feel vindicated. Castro is a Faustian redux of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” with a horrible ending. Rest assured anyone running against her will be awash in cash and volunteers. One of my own favorite songs is the Negro Spiritual “I'm So Glad Trouble Don't Last Always” a fitting dirge for a political career that was as ill-timed as superfluous.


Phi Beta Iota: AOC appears to be a Deep State PSYOP managed by a very prestigious law firm that is using her Chief of Staff — the one that is reported to have stolen Bernie Sanders' email donors list and then in turn stolen money from AOC donations using that stolen email list.  Below is worthy of a close read.

The Greatest Political Psyop of the Decade & Most Dangerous, too: Where Pedogate and Crowngate intersect the insidious New World Order agenda

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