Yoda: US – Iran Meeting in Iraq

Peace Intelligence

Possible disinformation but an opening.

Report: US, Iranian officials meet in Iraq

Secret meetings between US and Iranian officials at odds with regimes policies as Revolutionary Guards faces dissension in its ranks.

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Phi Beta Iota: If the Zionists are reporting it, and writing about “disagreements” then there is an even chance this is disinformation. HOWEVER, our own sources suggest that secret talks are indeed happening, and they are pointing toward a visit by President Donald Trump to Iran, where he will meet directly with the Supreme Leader, with President Hassan Rouhani as the only other person in the room serving as translator when needed (the Supreme Leader is believed to understand and speak English enough to understand  the American President and make eye contact over directly spoken words of peace). Below is a graphic no one would have predicted in 2016. We predict a similar graphic prior to 2020.

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