SPECIAL: Robert Steele: Zionist Strike 43 – Ben Garrison Disinvited from the White House

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Zionist Strike 43: Controlling White House, Disinviting Ben Garrison

The Zionists (the genocidal apartheid criminal invented state of Israel and its unregistered agents in the USA including AIPAC and ADL — not to be confused with Jews who uphold the Constitution) are clearly in control of the White House.

We need a national “teach-in” on this distinction, because the stupidity on the White House staff and everywhere else has now reached pandemic proportions.

Below are some headlines about their latest intervention in US affairs, the exclusion of one of America's greatest cartoonists, Ben Garrison.

This is going to cost the President a portion of his base.

Shame on our President and his shit staff for managing a shit social media summit that left out all the right people, and managed to offend a large portion of the base with its bowing low to Zionist trolls flooding the idiot staff with negative messaging that has no merit what-so-ever.

We note with interest that a summit about social media censorship had invited people who have not been censored and then turns around and censors the one bright light in the pro-Trump humor-verse, Ben Garrison.

We note with interest that the White House has been silent about Zionist censorship of Americans seeking to boycott Israel for its genocidal apartheid criminal acts, bragging in NYC recently that they control 27 US states and are confident of capturing the rest.

There is no intelligence, integrity, or  imagination on this White House staff, this will continue to hurt the President.


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TIME: President Trump Invited a Cartoonist Known for ‘Anti-Semitic' Images to a White House Social Media Summit

Jewish News Syndicate: Pro-Israel groups rebuke White House invitation to cartoonist with record of anti-Semitic work

MediaIte:  Trump Invites Alt-Right Cartoonist, Accused Anti-Semite Ben Garrison to the White House

Politico: POLITICO Playbook: NEW: W.H. says cartoonist is no longer attending social media summit [(Hat tip to Yashar Ali a.k.a. @yashar, who pointed out Garrison’s attendance to his 400,000 Twitter followers.)]

Zionist Victory Lap

The Times of Israel: Cartoonist disinvited from White House defends drawing panned as anti-Semitic

Haaretz: White House Disinvites Artist Who Drew ‘Blatantly anti-Semitic' Cartoon

Jewish Telegraphic Agency: Cartoonist disinvited from White House defends image widely labeled as anti-Semitic

“Serious” Media Worthless inTerms of Defending Freedom of Speech

Washington Examiner: Artist accused of ‘blatant anti-Semitism' disinvited from White House

Note: we ignore NYT and Washington Post because of their paywalls.

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Huffington Post: The White House Social Media Summit Is Already A Bigotry Circus

Daily Beast: Trump's Social Media Summit Mortifies White House, Enrages Far-Right Allies

Known Discrmination Against Ben Garrison (ADL Usually the Censor)

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