Yoda: Zionist Strike 41 – CRY FREEDOM from Zionist Israel — Zionist Minister Bragging in NYC About Controlling 27 US States and National Elections?

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Israeli government minister takes credit for 27 U.S. states passing anti-BDS laws

Gilad Erdan, minister of strategic affairs, June 16, 2019, Jerusalem Post conference, NY, screenshot.

A leading Israeli government minister takes credit for 27 U.S. states passing laws aimed at curbing citizens’ advocacy for BDS, the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign targeting Israel.

Gilad Erdan, minister for strategic affairs and information under Benjamin Netanyahu, addressed the Jerusalem Post conference in New York two weeks ago, and bragged that the Israeli government had taken its fights “to the enemy,” and that includes BDS.

When I was charged with leading this fight, BDS leaders operated freely and were largely successful in disguising themselves as human rights organizations… We tore off their masks. We exposed their ties to terror, we exposed their deeprooted antisemitism, we exposed their opposition to peace, and we exposed of course their hypocrisy. They couldn’t care less about the real human rights violations, for example in Syria and Iran. All they care about is demonizing and delegitimizing the world’s only Jewish and democratic state.

Erdan then took credit for American laws:

Our efforts are producing results. 27 US states now have counter-BDS legislation. Let’s give a hand to all the governors and state legislators who supported this law. They deserve it.

The minister cited a report he produced called “Terrorist in Suits” that aims to show that supporters of BDS include some Palestinians convicted of being members of terrorist organizations– ergo BDS is a haven for terrorists. Now “BDS is on the defensive,” Erdan said.

But Israel and its “friends” in the audience must push for even harsher laws in the U.S.

We need to take the fight against BDS to the next level. We must encourage investigations of terror-linked BDS groups and promote legislation that counters all forms of anti-Semitism including of course the anti-Semitic delegitimization of Israel.

So it is a huge scandal that Russia interfered in the 2016 election but Israel is messing in our politics all the time, and that’s standard operating procedure.

Remember those Facebook ads from Russia? Part of Erdan’s effort is establishing and leading “a global community of advocates,” more than 100 bloggers around the world who counter efforts to delegitimize Israel on the internet. These advocates explain the ancient Jewish connection to the land, etc.

On a related note, at the same time that advocacy for boycotting Israel is being punished/circumscribed in the U.S., other boycotts are promoted by progressives. Here is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the Hollywood Reporter calling this week for boycotting Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri for passing abortion bans that he says have the effect of marginalizing powerless groups.

Abdul-Jabbar notes the virtues of boycotts.

A boycott is a clear statement that we value conscience over commerce. It means stop doing business with or in these states. For Hollywood, stop making films there. For businesses, stop buying their products or holding conventions or building there. For the average person, don’t visit. No tourism dollars. And we continue this practice until legislators reverse the policies or are removed from office.

And he acknowledges that they cause pain (as boycotting Sodastream cost some Palestinians their jobs), but that’s inescapable. Even in Montgomery in 1955.

Boycotts cause hardships to the innocent as well as the guilty. That’s the whole point. Hardships motivate the self-righteous leaders to face the consequences of their political greed. A boycott’s success depends on the commitment of those seeking change to endure suffering. Rosa Parks’ arrest in 1955 kicked off the Montgomery Bus Boycott in Alabama that lasted a year and led to great hardships for whites and blacks. One of the boycott’s leaders, 26-year-old Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., had his home firebombed. The bus company suffered financial setbacks that affected its employees and other businesses. The black boycotters, who were 70 percent of the buses’ ridership, also suffered. For a year, they walked or carpooled until they were triumphant.

Thanks to Allison Deger. 

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I am personally committed to the restoration of the US Constitution and the natural law rights of all citizens that precede the  rights We the People have assigned to our governments at all levels. I am personally committed to the eradication of the Zionist parasite from the US economy, US government, and US society.  Zionists — the representatives of the invented State of Israel — a genocidal, apartheid, criminal State of Israel — are not to be confused with Jews — the Jewish faith abhors Zionism and most Jews understand that the Zionist State of Israel is blasphemy.

Many Jews in the USA are now turning against the unregistered criminal agents of Israel, namely the B'Nai Brith, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) the latter serving as the secret police and censorship enforcer across all platforms not yet brought into compliance with US laws and regulations by our President. I pray that his 4th of July speech is comprehensive — he has the benefit of my doubt on the matter of Zionism until 31 December 2019.

Every single one of the anti-BDS state laws is in direct violation of the First Amendment and multiple other over-riding Constitutional-level  protections and should be challenged by all those in each State who believe in standing up for all that is right with the US Constitution and America the Beautiful.

Citizens should begin challenging every penny being allocated to Zionist genocidal apartheid criminal Israel — and its crypto-Zionist ally Saudi Arabia and their mini-me Qatar (which bribed Jared Kushner with one billion dollars that I hope will one day see him follow his father into jail).

Most of what we have been taught about the World Wars, the Global War on Terrorism, the problems in the Middle East, has been a lie.  There was no holocaust by gas — the Jews that died — less than one million total (the Red Cross says 247,000) died from Allied bombing, starvation, and disease. Worse, we murdered eleven million German AFTER they surrendered. Most of our problems stem from the Deep State — the Cabal — for which the Central Banks and Zionist genocidal apartheid criminal Israel and secret societies such as the Freemasons and Knights of Malta, are undeclared agents at the highest levels (the lower levels are generally unwitting).

Hitler is explicitly on record as ordering no extermination of the Jews (he was less kind to the Poles) and planning for the relocation of all Jews to Madagasgar. Most would benefit from reading David Irving's tomes on Hitler's War and Churchill's War as I have been these past few weeks. All of David Irving's books are best bought directly from Irving Books. Most histories are a pack of lies, badly documented, funded by the Cabal to present a false record.

I mention this because China, which is quite certain to be a major power in the Middle East and Central Asia within the decade, has created a new Jewish Autonomous Zone in Manchuria, adjacent to the Russian Jewish Autonomous Zone. I very much look forward to the day, in my lifetime, when the Palestinian State is restored, Jerusalem is a corpus separatum international city, and the invented state of Israel is abolished. Jews who do not wish to live in the liberated state of Palestine will have the Manchurian option and be welcome in many other countries. That will restore the integrity of the Jewish faith. This is also the one thing I agree with Henry Kissinger on — the invented state of Israel will be uninvented by 2024-2028 at the latest.

There are many great issues facing America, but as we go into 2020 I can think of only three that are fundamental:

  • Awakening Part I: 9/11 Disclosure through the Criminal Grand Jury
  • Awakening Part II: Expulsion of all Zionist elements and their neo-con allies
  • #UNRIG: Unity through Integrity Electoral Reform Act of 2020

Let there be light. God Bless America.

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