Berto Jongman: US Intelligence Half-Assed Make-Over

Berto Jongman

Intelligence Consolidation Looms for the U.S. Military

SIGNAL Magazine, August 26, 2019,

By Robert K. Ackerman

Technology holds the key, but human leadership may determine success.

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ROBERT STEELE:  The consolidation must be across the board, not just in the military.  Since I am now speaking to “If I were President,” here is my answer:

01 All secret intelligence agencies without exception will be reduced in budget, personnel, and floor space by up to 70%. This applies particularly to contracts and contractors. CIA will lose drones, assassination, and its entire illegal domestic network. Soft landings will be provided for all over a three year period to include re-training and re-settlement.

02 The surviving elements will be integrated into a re-vitalized Central Intelligence Agency renamed the Classified Intelligence Agency; surviving contractors serving in government positions will convert or be fired. All option years will be subject to DCI approval on a contract by contract basis.

03 A new National Counterintelligence Agency (NCIA) will be created that is not subordinate to the Department of Justice or the DCI. It may possibly be a defense agency as is NASA. It will have unlimited access to NSA databases and will use Thin Thread to root out every traitor, white collar criminal, pedophile, and corrupt judge or prosecutor in America. It will have independent Presidentially-mandated offices in every agency, department, and state house. False flag events inclusive of mind-control active shooters will be carefully investigated under a Presidential seal, and anyone in any capacity who is party to a false flag event will be promptly executed by firing squad as a traitor.

04 A new National Cyber Agency (NCYA) will be created following the dissolution of the totally dysfunctional Cyber Command and will blend a network of centers  that are half government and half private sector, with a particular focus on closing every back door ever installed by the Zionists, and an additional focus on fully exposing every algorithm in both financial and media networks now used to manipulate results against the public interest.

05 A new Open Source Agency will be created, outside the purview of the DCI but providing all OSINT to the secret IC as received in raw OSIF form or as created in final OSINT form, in near real time. The original OSINT may not be classified by  the DCI but D/OSA may at any  time protect Black OSINT by whatever means are appropriate.

06 A Deputy Vice President for Education, Intelligence, and Research will be created, who will oversee the Secretary of Education, the Director of National Intelligence, and a new Secretary of Research who will consolidate and oversee all research funds particularly those of the US military including NASA, the Department of Energy, and the IC.

07 A new federated Web 3.0 will be created that displaces #GoogleGestapo and its embedded censorship, manipulation, and digital assassination, toward  the objective of creating a Smart Nation in which every citizen is armed with power that information provides, and secrecy is eradicated from both government and private sector elements, less counterintelligence.

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