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Sunday, 25 Aug 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Multiple indicators centered on the President being out of touch with 85% of the eligible voters are emerging to suggest that a middle of the road Democratic team could beat him (Biden-Warren? Biden-Gabbard? Biden-McKinney?). President Trump can negate all of the indicators in two ways: by pulling economic and social rabbits out of his hat over the next year (such as cancelling the federal income tax altogether) and by radically restructuring both the White House and campaign staff to finally get serious about attending to the concerns of all Americans, not just his aging white heartland base.

Does Donald Trump really think Zionist propaganda about him being “King of Israel” in any way represents deeply angry Jews that lean Democratic (75%) and deeply pissed off patriots that hate the Zionists more than they hate pedophiles (mindful that they are often one and the same)? There are nine million Jewish voters — and while Jews account for perhaps 60% of the money in politics, Trump does not need any more Jewish money, he needs to reconnect to the America First public including the 70% who have been disenfranchised by the “rigged system” enabled by a two-party tyranny.

Budget Busters/Economy. The President is nervous about the economy and rightly so — our weekly Gray Swans documents very real concerns about farming, trucking, and just in time delivery systems, among others. HOWEVER, there are some economic blockbusters that the President has the power to deliver on his own initiative, others that would require Congressional approval, and we look to those being rolled out over the next six months.

Candidates. UK bookmakers are betting on Elizabeth Warren. Big mistake. Democrats are eyeing Texas and every seat being vacated by a retiring Republican.  HOWEVER, she has jumped over Sanders and would be a challenger for VP slot along with Gifford.

Demographics. 2020 will easily see the highest turn-out of Democratic voters ever. Less certain is  the degree to which Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians will turn out.  The President is on record as saying he does not care about the swing vote and he is busy alienating everyone that voted for him less the heartland older white crowd. Absent a radical improvement in the Presidents White House and campaign staff mind-set, he could still lose.

Blacks and Hispanics WANT to vote for Trump but he is disrespecting them as is the GOP. The white out of touch staffers working both both Trump and the GOP have no clue, and the house blacks are despised by real blacks.  How hard would it be for President Trump to speak directly to Hon. Dr. Cynthia McKinney and get a straight read? Similarly, with Hispanics, the GOP and Trump people are talking to the house Hispanics, the ones that game the system, not the real Hispanics.  Still, even in neglect, Trump is above 50%.  Imagine if he were earnest and persistent with these two demographics while the First Lady and First Daughter worked the suburban and women?

Democrats going after Native Americans…and not ignoring Wisconsin.

Florida is tough for Trump — he has pissed off much of his white base while making half-hearted attempts to go after Latino voters that overwhelmingly support Democrats.

Sanders makes a very weak bid for labor — right idea, lacks authenticity.

Down-Ticket Impact. Florida appears to be a huge down-ticket hunting ground.

Democrats going after all the statehouses — which leads to the question: who will lead the charge to expel every legislator, regardless of party, who voted to make it a felony in 27 states to be critical of Israel?

Election Reform/Electoral College. AOC confirms her village idiocy in labeling the Electoral College as a “scam” — never mind the fifty sovereign states it represents. Sadly, once reputable journals are repeating this idiocy. On the other hand, public awareness of the vital nature of the Electoral College appears to be growing and some journals are realizing it is part of our Constitutional foundation.

Fake News/Election Interference. Lots of fake news. Other than Israel and Great Britain (samo samo) not much foreign election interference.

Facebook has a death wish.  Blocking Trump ads for women because they (we do not make this shit up) address women as a demographic.

The fake news “race card” may explode in the Democrats' faces.

Impeachment/Investigations. Impeachment is not going to happen UNLESS President Trump alienates half the Republican members of Congress.

Issues. Ethanol — which makes no sense at all as a fuel — is important to the farmer who are critical to the President's re-election. Instead of having a farm strategy that takes care of them all while breaking up Big Agriculture and ending ethanol, the President is stuck with stove-piped agencies that do not think holistically or politically.

Gun control will fail in the Senate, but the President lost the confidence of a double-digit element of his base with his ill-advised comments about red flag gun controls.  These are FASCIST protocols in which anyone including a jilted lover or jealous neighbor can say they “fear” you and a judge signs a confiscation warrant WITHOUT DUE PROCESS that is enforced by a SWAT TEAM that is authorized to kill you — as Maryland has recently killed someone who thought they were defending their home — if you resist.

Race is an issue, but not in the normal way.  The extreme left is trying to tar Trump and white nationalists as rascists.  Our own black Americans are calling this out as bullshit (but Trump is not doing well at all in respecting the black community, they regard all his house blacks as posers). Trump is rising to the bait and not making the core point that it is the Zionists that are the biggest rascists in America, followed by the Jamaicans (Kamela Harris), Puerto Ricans (AOC), and Muslims (the rest of the Squad). The media is twisting this issue against Trump with malice.

Affordable housing is an issue no one is discussing even though Democrats have plans for it — and as the West Coast deals with homelessness, it is an issue the President could make his own.

Afghanistan —  the President has not fulfilled his promise and the Democrats are going to call him on it.

Student debt is a huge issue.  Democrats have been talking it up.  President Trump eliminated disabled veteran student debt, could this be a precursor to doing more on this issue?

Technology. Some judges are ordering paper ballots or updated more secure electronic voting machines.

Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud. The left is setting the stage for their assuming victory with or without fraud, by claiming President Trump's concerns about voter fraud will lead him to challenge a Democratic victory. With three million illegal alien voters for Hillary Clinton documented in 2016, the President is correct to be concerned, and careless in not embracing #UNRIG as a solution (it includes paper ballots counted publicly on site).

Zionist Influence on USA.


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Budget Busters/Economy.

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Down-Ticket Impact.

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Election Reform/Electoral College.

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Fake News/Election Interference.

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Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud.

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Zionist Influence on USA.

Trump: Jews Who Vote for Democrats Are ‘Disloyal’

Robert David STEELE Vivas

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