Mongoose: Is AIG Part of the CIA, Part of the Deep State, or Just Plain Evil? UPDATE 3 Mark Gaffney 3 Part Series

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Alert Reader writes in:

Just for the hell of it… 911

My awakening didn’t start with 911 but with… my 12 years working for AIG.  The ultimate mercantilist world octopus.  A direct heir of the Federal Reserve.

Wikipedia / American International Group

One of the most corrupt companies ever allowed to exist on the face of the Earth.  A conglomerate of insurance companies covering the entire realm of insurance, which is NOT legally allowed by law here in the US but they found a way to bypass regulations by creating “a group”.  Should IRS have ever gotten involved? Should Congress have? You absolutely bet!

They’re captives.  It will never happen.

Have you noticed? Worker’s comp (strictly first party).  Health and Life (strictly first-party) may not handle anything else by law.  Home-owner (first party with a tentative foot into third-party for injuries to guests) only does that.  Auto: first and third party, nothing else.  Business: first and third party within limits.  Commercial (different from business): first and increasingly fluid third parties, all the way to general, professional, error-and-omission, directors and officers liability and… AIG as third-party administrator for “self-insured” multinationals, fronted by… an AIG policy: business saved on premiums up to a few millions of liability but AIG handled the investigation all along by contract and called the shots if they felt they had any exposure, regardless of any re-insurance layer in between.

AIG/National Union handled ALL of 911 investigation.  We bailed out the entire Group.  How so? Based on what? Don’t know: government used my money.  Legally and from the IRS definition standpoint, what is AIG? It doesn’t get anymore MULTINATIONAL than this!

And big, enormous money made in re-insurance, in case of catastrophic events, over and beyond CNA, Swiss-re and Munich-re.  AIG has always kept the lead on investigating the entire thing, as first insurer and upper-layer involved re-insurer, even when it had absolutely NO FINANCIAL EXPOSURE.  AIG was always both top down and bottom up (which allowed me to participate in interesting medmal “bad babies” cases, where AIG held the first million, worldwide reinsurers held the next three million and wanted to settle within their exposure but AIG refused to tender their first-layer policy limits and were pushing for trial to up it to within their next layer and… crush the entire case and the competition!)

Marsh and Mclennan was the AIG broker, nationwide, tough as nails and straight as arrow as to regulations and not mixing coverages between insurance companies and coverages within the Group in the US and within US legal guidelines (we, adjusters, loved them for how quickly they disclaimed coverage and gave us the ammunitions for our letters of disclaimers to clients and saved us hours of needless field investigation), they kept records of everything and…

DANG! 911 happened and their entire Marsh and Mac records were pulverized along with their entire floor full of people.

Nobody looks into that but yeah, Trump knows.  He paid all those AIG insurance premiums while in business and he saw who was paid for what.

Every single state or federal big infrastructure project undertaken in the US has been insured by AIG.  Go no farther than Boston Big Dig.  AIG handled all of it from workers’ comp to every layer of third-party liability beyond CNA, Swiss-re and Munich-re.  We bailed that company out.  I bet California was heavily insured by AIG before the Santa Rosa fires and still is…

ROBERT STEELE: My reading suggests that 9/11 was insurance fraud dressed up as a terrorist incident (with other peripherals including theft of gold stores, closing down the Gold War against Russia, destroying all on-going SEC investigations and more — something for every white collar criminal and traitor in the USA. My reading also suggests that it was the AIG officers that were “prepped” to simulate exploding aircraft where there were none. Arnon Milchan should certainly be investigated along with AIG if the Zionist-controlled US Attorney for the Southern District can ever be forced to do the criminal grand jury that the Lawyers Commmittee of Inquiry for 9/11 has so ably documented (the Fire Chiefs are now also calling for a new independent investigation).

AIG leaders have claimed they are a “national asset.” In my world that means they think they are part of the national security community and therefore entitled to immunity and impunity. They may be using their access to all forms of insurance records to help the CIA and FBI, and perhaps also to help the Mossad.  Somewhere in there are enormous possibilities — knowing where the love pads are (so they can be wired for video) — and more.

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Alert Reader #2 writes in:

My recollection from something I read long ago is that, indeed, AIG performed a vital function for the CIA: they provided blueprints or floor plans to virtually every property of interest. Very useful for a black bag job.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: While I have no direct knowledge it is increasingly clear that CIA is all over the USA working sources and methods that are completely illegal, actively forbidden by law, and no doubt in the service of the Deep State. This includes human trafficking, drug smuggling in and nuclear smuggling out, and more. The FBI appears to be complicit in the illegal operations of the CIA across the country.  Time to clean house. Both appear complicit in enabling and covering up for Mossad assassinations, human trafficking entrapment and other illegal operations.


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Alert Reader writes in:

Amazing how much information is available and yet how little we know…

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