Mongoose: Is Donald Trump a Mental Health Risk? Could He Be on Verge of Imploding? Or Is He A Genius-Like Sho-Gun, Wearing a Noh Mask Until He Is Ready to Strike Hard, Strike Fast?

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Alert Reader writes to Robert David Steele. Robert responds.


On your X22 interview, you must be doing the Lord's work, because like a very good sermon, I hear a lot of things I hope for but few that that are easily reconciled with common experience.

If I had to put money on a simple proposition for Donald Trump, I would bet that no one gets arrested, like the ending from “Seven Days In May”, you kinda see that the traitors are not neutralized in any permanent way and you assume that no one really gets held accountable for treason.

My best guess — and if anything, 911 and subsequent disillusionment about W Bush and his like have taught me that I am guessing about a great many things that media and people around me claim to know all about — is that the President is surrounded by cadres of hand-wringing stuffed shirts warning that Jesus was wrong about the truth setting anyone free, least of all the President and the citizenry of this nation.

My evaluation of Donald Trump is less in focus than the hazy sense of a group of men that: 1. killed Jack Kennedy; 2. bought LBJ and killed MLK when he turned his message toward war resistance; 3. turned Nixon's 1968 peace promises into a military campaign called “peace with honor” and then made him pay for ending the war; 4. made Jimmy Carter cry (to his credit); 5. shot Reagan; 6. HW Bush … please ….; 7. owned Clinton; 8. owned W; 9. set BHO straight about who owned him after big pro-peace promises in 2008; 10. changed from a coup junta to Maoist Long March revolutionaries in 2016/2017.

Presidential elections are like diet fads bought by people who are oblivious to the reality that they are fed shit every day by a handful of fast food franchises. For all the clarity of their bright LED signs the brands that feed them seem to escape notice as the brands that bring them misery. And they don't even really need to know who owns the franchise to know the brand.

My best sense is DJT is a man with good and bad in him, like the rest of us. He has resisted a good deal of evil, with some success, and perhaps more than any before him. He is a peace-maker, or trying to be. He may well be brilliant. But, many before him have failed to see the exemplary aspects of their character triumph over an anti-democratic deep state. I am less interested in judging his character than seeing him, and those with the same vision, succeed.

I listen to X22 half conscious of the sense that I am listening to a pleasant fiction, or maybe, and I say this not really as cynically as I may sound, a slave spiritual like Swing Low Sweet Chariot or In The Sweet Bye and Bye.

My assessment of your work is that it is very important. I don't think your vision is what the future looks like, but I think it would be a very important piece — and that is really what good democracy is supposed to do with diverse and honest people. Give me honest people, even socialists, and we can work out the rest of the puzzle.

I do think your ideas run ahead of public sentiment and desire for change, largely because the leader who can coalesce those sentiments and mobilize them has not emerged, or shown himself willing.  I cannot understand why a guy like DJT does not organize the mob and turn it its energy toward good things so that ideas like yours can find a real footing. Like Alex Jones, we get the tweets and the rants, but the energy of his public, I guess is wasted because he is not harnessing it, not providing leadership across the board.

What do I want? I want a March on Washington. Or even a March on my City Hall. I want to be out in the street banging on a pot with several thousand other people outside the Courthouse. I want to be given the truth as if I can handle it, despite what all the scared men in Washington think. I find it very hard to believe that my energy and those of millions of others like me is so easily ignored. I want to say “go fuck yourself” to every charge of racism, but I am also quite confident that what worked for MLK's respectful minority would work for a majority properly lead. MLK said a lot of things, but he told the powers that be that he would just keep coming — honorably, non-violently, but with an intimidating degree of determination.

You know what I don't see? A recognition that people like me have that kind of determination to follow an honorable leader. DJT is the only one living that I can think of who comes close to being such a leader. I fear that he will let this opportunity pass. As good as your ideas are, this is what they need.

Your reconciliation commission has merit. My spin is: 1. for starters, a message of deterrence that follows 10-20% of big name criminals entering into prisons for the rest of their lives; 2. a demonstration that a majority is willing to be led honorably but with determination on the questions of honesty and civility and being suitably dismissive of race-baiters and hacks; 3. a public sense that people will no longer tolerate corruption, bolstered by immediate turnovers in public offices including those judges and prosecutors who are “licensed to lie” as Sidney Powell put it so ably in her book; 4. reconciliation that happens after the criminals are put in fear of honest men and women.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I confess to being uncertain about our President. Although I was the first to say he could win, in an article “Counter-Coup: How Trump Can Win” (CounterPunch, August 2015) – Jefferson Sessions endorsed him in February 2016 – and I have gone on to publish the Trump Revolution Series with 41 volumes as of today, three things trouble me deeply about our President's current posture.  He is:

1. Not defending the US Constitution especially 1, 2, & 4
2. Placing Israel First not America First
3. Ignoring the 73% who want him to introduce #UNRIG

The first two are obvious. The latest Trump Report Card has a great deal of “red” precisely because the President appears to be a “house shiksa” (gentile girl who can be treated as a whore) for the Zionists. Less obvious is the US political landscape. The President was elected by 27% of the eligible voters, winning by that number because 53% of the eligible voters voted, 47% did not vote. Below is my sense of the political landscape.

Click on Image to Enlarge

If the President does not get his act together on  the three points above, he is at risk of seeing a split ticket challenger with a coalition cabinet, a balanced budget, and twelve hard promises to America that will make him cry.  He will not be beat by the Democrats — they run the mix from craven to comic to crackpot. He will be beat by multiple billionaires, none of them Zionists, who fund a 50-state campaign to educate the public on why we need to defend the Constitution — especially the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments; why we need to eradicate the Zionist parasite from our economy, government, and society; and why — as Alert Reader above suggests — we need to restore integrity to how we elect our politicians and govern ourselves, ideally with a social media ecology not controlled by the Zionists, not censoring, manipulating, and digitally assassinating, and most certainly not using “mental health” as a pretext for disarming us, mindful that most of our mental health issues come from the mix of multi-trillion dollar wars abroad, and multi-trillion dollar corruption at home — Baltimore, New York, and San Francisco stand out as examples of the latter.

Now, having said that, I will emphasize my faith and loyalty.  I have not given up on this President yet, as distressed as I am to see who he has allowed into the White House, with the continued embarrassment of Mike Pompeo at State and sleepy inattentive billionaires everywhere else.  Government should not be a boy's club. Government should be the best and the brightest in public service, with decisions that are evidence-based, transparent, and always made in the public interest.

The only way to get from here to there is to restore the sanctity of the Constitution with an activist judiciary that is totally honest (not what we have today, many fine judges and prosecutors not-with-standing);  fully disclose the Nine Veils of Evil that make Jeffrey Epstein  the stake in the heart of the Zionists as well as CIA, FBI, and NSA (all blackmailers in league with the Mossad as well as MI-5 and MI-6 on behalf of the British Deep State); fully disclose 9/11 Truth; and put the public back into the game, armed with the truth. My motto has for some time been “the truth at any cost lowers all others costs.” I also ascribe, as Alert Reader does, to the proposition that personal ideologies do not matter if one is part of a transparent honest system focused on the common good.  The book, Our Towns, by James and Deborah Fallows, bears this point out.

On balance, I am sticking with our President until New Year's Day 2020. One reason I am sticking with him is because the below two graphics demonstrate what he is capable of and what he might be planning. It was the first graphic that was included in my front page centered article in the Tehran Times, which helped advance the objective of a meeting between our President and the Supreme Leader of Iran. That meeting will not happen unless our President first persuades the President of Iran that we are indeed committed to uninventing the genocidal, apartheid, criminal state of Israel. If it happens, anything is possible and we are indeed on our way toward finally achieving all that we are capable of — America the Beautiful.

One final quasi-administrative thought. Apart from implementing #UNRIG: Unity through Integrity (Election Reform Act of 2020 Proposed), the President needs to clear the press out of the White House and repurpose that space as shown below, to provide for grand strategy; a two-way multi-media communications channel he controls, not the Zionist social mandarins; and the Open Source Agency with a special node at the White House able to answer the 96% of the questions our very expensive but largely worthless secret intelligence community refuses to address because they cannot — including comparative trade intelligence and total counterintelligence against all enemies, especially domestic enemies (anyone who conflates white + nationalist as “hater” is a domestic enemy).

I have the very strong feeling our President is on the verge of a break-out and  that this kind of loyal concern and dissent is both helpful to the President and necessary for public awareness.

If, by 1 January 2020, he is still

1. Not defending the US Constitution especially 1, 2, & 4
2. Placing Israel First not America First
3. Ignoring the 73% who want him to introduce #UNRIG

Then all bets are off and I will be thinking about how best to serve America.

Semper Fidelis,
Robert David Steele

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