Yoda: Death Penalty for Anti-Zionists? Or Presidential Genius Against Deep State False Flag Atrocity Sponsors?

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: There are two ways of looking at this. Because of the President’s genius in issuing the executive order on human trafficking I am giving him the benefit of the doubt at this time with the caveat that if he does not do 9/11 disclosure and begin evicting the Zionist parasite before November 2020, he may well lose to a combined Democratic-Libertarian & Independent ticket not yet visible.

America First means NOT Israel First.

Positive: The President used El Paso as a “reverse false flag” to set a trap that enabled full documentation (we have the Walmart videos of the 3-4 additional shooters), and the death penalty will be applied to the organizers of this false flag, while also opening new investigations into all past false flags starting with Sandy Hook.

Negative: The President is still being shlonged by the Zionists on a daily basis, is totally owned by them them, and he will do nothing against the Zionist-controlled social media spreading hate against all-American whites, blacks, and reds; and he will do nothing against the Deep State purveyors of open borders and multiculturalism as a form of repressive tolerance, itself a hate crime.


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