Election 2020 — Week to 1 Sep 2019

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Sunday, 1 Sep 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. As Robert Steele and Cynthia McKinney anticipated, 70% of the voters are angry at the two-party tyranny — and with luck, by 4 July 2020 they will understand that President Donald Trump can be beat with Robert Steele’s playbook. Make the deal, Mr. President. Defend the Constitution, focus on America First not Israel First, and pass #UNRIG before Election Day and in  time for 2022 to see a Congress with 100 or more Independents, Libertarians, Greens and other than Democratic or Republican. Don’t make  the deal? We may not be able to win, but we can assure your loss.  Make the deal, Mr. President.  We WANT you to have the Mother of All Landslides.  Not happening on your present course.  Make the deal, Mr. President. Interestingly, the Democratic Party is now showing signs that it will throw the Presidential race in 2020 in order to destroy the progressive wing of the party while making a great deal more money from donations inspired by those angry at President Trump. We are predicting the death of the Democratic Party and the emergence of at least two viable new political parties, one for the Sandernistas and one for the much abused  Tea Party Patriots. If Trump loses to a Libertarian promising #UNRIG, the GOP will be destroyed as well.  Is 37% disapproval rating his death notice? Joe Biden as the Ed Muskie and Democrats know this? BAD NEWS: Senate is now up for grabs in 2020, especially if DNC executes Joe Biden and goes with any of the other clowns.

Budget Busters/Economy. Central Banks making it worse.

Candidates. Tom Steyer is a stupid spend-thrift. He just does not get it. The ten Democratic candidates going into the third debate are all losers. If Trump were to make an offer to Tulsi Gabbard and Cynthia aka “Goddess” McKinney, it would be game over even if he did not embrace #UNRIG. If McKinney runs against him with Robert Steele’s playbook, he has a problem. Republican challengers are mounting — and will all fail.  This could be the year in  which a Libertarian with Robert Steele’s playbook and Cynthia McKinney on the left flank takes it all. Is Pence destined for the trash heap (long overdue?)  If there is ONE THING we agree with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner on, this is it. Haley?  Another bimbo in the White House?  No.  And not in 2024 either. Pence not appearing on Trump rally signs? Why that’s just an oversight.

Ivanka as Vice President? Please God tell us Trump is not this incestuously stupid, please, please, God….

Demographics. Women voters spell trouble for Trump in 2020.

Down-Ticket Impact. Trump is nervous.  And he should be.  He is also BLOWING an epic opportunity to enable Independents, Libertarians and others to run for seats between now and Election 2020, with the resulting goodwill paying off in the Mother of all Landslides.  Texas is in play toward Democratic control and Democratic drawing of political districts for next ten years. Here again, in failing to embrace #UNRIG the President is failing to set an example and enable Independents, Libertarians, and others to have ballot access at the state level, not just the federal level. Georgia will have two Senate elections in 2020. Could Cynthia McKinney go there instead of into the Presidential race? Pennsylvania getting very dangerous for Trump. Special Election in North Carolina 10 September one  to watch….

Election Reform/Electoral College. Too many morons really do not understand the connection between the Electoral College and the 50 sovereign states that elect the President. And while some are discussing election reform, there is no serious national dialog going on — this is an issue — #UNRIG — that could propel the President to a 30% or better win in 2020 (mindful that 50% will not vote UNLESS he passes #UNRIG).

Fake News/Election Interference. Fed urged to “prevent” Trump’s re-electon? Foreign interference?  Let’s NOT mention Israel or Great Britain, OK?

Impeachment/Investigations. President finally fires the GOP spy in the WH.

Issues. Sanders plan against big media and for independent news.  Bullshit but a start. God is going to be an issue.  College students today are stupid — brainwashed — and need to be re-educated. The churches have failed in part because the government, under Zionist control, has done an excellent job of destroying family, community, and church. President is winning on immigration and getting his wall.

Technology. Facebook is restricting political ads.  Who gave them the right to do that? No one. Voting technology is archaic and unprotected.  Trump TV is a good idea — Robert Steele suggested it first — but if Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Steve Bannon are allowed to implement it, it will be a disaster.

Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud. Both Democrats and Republicans have doubts about the integrity of the election in 2020. The President is resurfacing his concerns and is quite correct to do so — 3 million illegal aliens voted in 2016, that has been documented but is being covered up by the controlled media.

Zionist Influence on USA. John Bolton occasionally gets one right.  Israel is the enemy of the United States of America. If they sold an F35 to China, in combination with all their other “Zionist Strikes,” the President has no alternative but to eradicate the Zionist parasite in the USA, beginning with the expulsion of all Israeli military and intelligence officers now spying in the USA with impunity.


Big Picture.

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Budget Busters/Economy.

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Down-Ticket Impact.

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Fake News/Election Interference.

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Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud.

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Zionist Influence on USA.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT DAVID STEELE is the founder of #UNRIG: Unity through Integrity (Election Reform Act Proposed). A former spy for the CIA and the co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, he is  today the CeO of Earth Intelligence Network (501c3) and Open Source Everything, Inc. (C Corp). He focuses on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) in the public interest, not to be found within the US Government; on election reform; and on elite pedophilia as the scourge that has allowed the Zionists, using tools such as , to subvert the Congress, Executive, Judiciary, and media of the USA. Avocationally he in interested in off-shore sailing, racketball, and reading — he is the top reviewer in English for non-fiction, with over 2,500 reviews posted across 97 categories of non-fiction (1 of fiction). His life’s work is free online at https://robertdavidsteele.com.

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