Kerry Cassidy: Fake Alien Invasion to Cover Up Real Alien Battles? Robert Steele Comments

Extraterrestial Intelligence
Kerry Cassidy


Article by Kerry Cassidy

Project Blue Beam as the fake alien invasion is known has been on the books as a strong possibility for as many years as I have been researching this sector (at least 20) and is now being reviewed by top military according to Randy and another source, Simon Parkes. Parkes states that it is now supposedly the “good guys” on the Trump/Navy side of the spectrum who are now considering this alternative to usher in the space age and wake up humanity whereas it used to be a focus of the dark side.

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ROBERT STEELE: I have mixed feelings on this one — especially after reading about alien spiders in Viet-Nam (I was there from '63 – '67 as the son of an oil engineer and manager) — but on balance I have to give Kerry Cassidy, whose integrity is rock solid in my view — the benefit of the doubt.

In my view, multiple stellar civilizations have been engaged with Earth for thousands of years, and with moderns governments since the 1930's. Human trafficking has been part of the deal. Concealing priceless technologies such as free energy has been part of the deal and is the part that will make the public very very angry, a legitimate fear on the part of our military who have been complicit in de facto treason — however well-intentioned it has been unconstitutional and totally against the public interest.

David Wilcock is certain that President Donald Trump — who is fully familiar with both free energy and stellar civilization — wants to do disclosure in September. The challenge seems to be: partial or full, all truth or half truth half lies. It is my hope that President Trump will come down on the side of the full truth and nothing but the truth.  “The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.”

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