Open Source Everything – Agency or Company or Network or All Three?


USDI OSA Memo Enclosure 1 CMC Article

USDI OSA Memo Enclosure 2 CINCSOC

USDI OSA Memo Enclosure 3 Leadership Brief

USDI OSA Memo Enclosure 4 Staff Brief

USDI OSA Memo Enclosure 5 Timeline

USDI OSA Memo Enclosure 6 Future


Reference: 9-11 Commission Pages 23 and 413 Providing for a Separate Open Source Agency (OSA) C-Equal to and Independent From the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Reference: Open Source Agency Synopsis (Full Text Online for Google Translate)

2020 Robert Steele: Open Letter to POTUS on Reinventing Intelligence 4 Pages, Book, & 9 Minute Video

MEMORANDUM FOR THE PRESIDENT: Eradicating Fake News and False Intelligence with an Open Source Agency That Also Supports Defense, Diplomacy, Development, & Commerce (D3C) Innovation to Rebuild America and Stabilize World

Robert Steele: Background Memorandum for LTG Mike Flynn – Open Source Intelligence Requires and Open Source Agency

Robert Steele & William Binney: #UNRIG #TrumpTriumph — Open Source Agency Merges with Thin Thread to Offer Trump Channel with 200 Million Voices and Votes

2015 Robert Steele: Open Source (Technologies) Agency

2014 Robert Steele: Beyond the Open Source Agency – School of Future-Oriented Hybrid Governance, World Brain Institute, PhD in Comprehensive Architecture

2013 Open Source Agency: Executive Access Point 2.1

2013 Healing the Americas with an Open Source Agency

2008 Memorandum: $2 Billion Obligation Plan Centered on Defense, for a New Open Source Agency

2006 Reuser (NL) on Virtual Open Source Agency

2004 OSS CEO Response to Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Call for Data on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Robert Steele: Memorandum for the President-Elect on Need for an Open Source Agency

Graphic: Open Source Agency Focus

Stephen E. Arnold: Library Intelligence – Another Reason for the Open Source Agency (OSA)

Ed Jewett: US Intelligence Community Admits Ineptitude with Open Source Information

Richard Wright: Proposal for an Open Source Agency

Search: NATO SOCOM Open Source Agency

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