Robert Steele: John Bolton, Walking Dead, an Epitah by Martin Sieff — Next Up, Peace with Iran!

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Once in a while a media personality comes up with words that are beyond poetry, so epic, so loaded with cultural richness and the sound of truth that one can only stand in awe, reading and re-reading their work with the utmost appeciation and respect. Martin Sieff has given us such a work. Please do read every word, this is not just the epitaph of John Bolton Cockroach, this is the epitaph of the neo-conservatives, the Zionists, and the Deep State.

The Fall of John Bolton: Exercising Power with the Grace of a Cockroach

It merits comment that Bolton's long over-due dismissal is easily interpreted as a gesture of good faith toward Iran. The meetings — first with President Rouhani in the US and then with the Supreme Leader in Tehran — are going to happen. Look for President Trump to make a state visit to Tehran before November 2020 after meeting Rouhani in the USA before Christmas 2019.


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