Penguin: Alternatives to Google Products

Advanced Cyber/IO, Autonomous Internet

Alternatives to Google Products – the Complete List (2019)

 Restore Privacy, 24 June 2019

Alternatives, each described and linked, are provided in each of the following categories: Search, Email, Chrome, Drive, Calendar, Docs/Sheets/Slides, Photos, YouTube, Translate, Analytics, Maps, Play Store, Chrome OS, Android, Hangouts, Domains, Other.

Our own work on displacing Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Reddit, Twitter, Wikipedia, WordPress, and YouTube is below the fold.

Ed Jewett: GoogleNews Bias Robert Steele: Lawsuit & Displacement of #GoogleGestapo with Four Nested Capabilities (Web 3.0)

Robert Steele: Plans for Displacement of #GoogleGestapo UPDATE 2

Penguin: Displacing #Google Gestapo — Some Apps

SGT REPORT: IT’S TIME TO SUE THEM — Attorney Todd McMurtry & Dustin Nemos [Robert Steele – AND Displace Them Completely — Death to #GoogleGestapo

Berto Jongman: dWeb (Decentralized Web) by Mark Nadal

ADMIN: Boycott Google Image Format WEBP

Penguin: 13 Free Open Source Content Management Systems

Dustin Nemos: Kick-Off Free Speech Movement Massive Class Action Lawsuit Against #GoogleGestapo

Zero Hedge: Silicon Valley Is Destroying American Democracy by Playing Political Favorites

Mongoose: #GoogleGestapo Planning to Deplatform & Terminate Funding (PayPal, Stripe) of Conservative Candidates in 2020

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