Randy Short: Donald Trump’s Biggest Problem…

Cultural Intelligence

Trump's biggest problem are inbred, callow, insular, sycophant, trust fund-toting parochial white supremacists who know nothing except they are white, rich, have access and don't like anyone unlike themselves. Watch them and their herrenvolk hubris tank Trump if he doesn't change his course. These folks have Hatfield and McCoy level hatred for expanding the Republican Party. These right-wing elitist and uber-exclusionary not-my-color-not-my-countryman shtick will destroy the Trump support among Blacks. The average meth or crack addict is more amiable and politically savvy than these groupies that have ensconced themselves in the upper echelons of the Trump 2020 campaign. Trump needs veteran presidential campaign leadership. Also a bunch of prayer-cloth-hocking Colored preachers that double as domestic workers with a flair for exaggerating their influence among Blacks is right of center psychosis. Trump needs Roger Stone not a bunch bigited and crazed 2nd Coming if Christ doomsday enthusiasts.

ROBERT STEELE:  I had lunch with Dr. Short today, and we had a deep discussion about where the black population stands on Donald Trump. The good news is that they still lean in favor of the President but many are giving up hope that he will actually rise to the opportunity. The bad news is that the President's communications team stinks and cannot tell the difference between a Caribbean black (Kamela Harris, several posers on television) and an American black.

I want our President to win re-election but it is clear to me that Randy is right — the GOP, the President's thieving campaign staff, and his closest advisors all have their heads up their lily white asses where the dildos usually go.


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