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Kevin MacDonald

5 Star Brilliant Dissection of Political and Economic History — Reality — that is CENSORED by Amazon and the Mainstream Media

Review by Robert David Steele

I have been very diligent about distinguishing between Zionism (the invented criminal genocidal apartheid state of Israel and its 1% elite Deep State backers) and Judaism (the faith).

This book challenges that separation.

At its worst interpretation, there is no distinction between Jews and Zionists because virtually all Jews are complicit in the Zionist global plan to use open borders and multiculturalism to eradicate all semblance of opposition to their vision of Zionist hegemony and the subservience of all others (including I might add non-Orthodox or “lesser” Jews).

At its best interpretation, there is a massive need for national counterintelligence and re-education such that all Jews supporting the Zionist agenda are properly investigated, indicted, and convicted for treason. This would also impact on Democrats and Republicans and Christian evangelicals who have been bribed or blackmailed into supporting the Zionist subversive agenda.

This book has been BANNED at Amazon, which willfully violates the 1st Amendment as well as Title 7 (anti-discrimination) and is actively not only digitally burning books, but deplatforming authors and reviewers while selectively blocking reviews that seek to communicate truths not approved by Amazon and its Anti-Defamation League (ADL) “trusted flagger.”

The most important value of this book for me — it is the third in a series — was in showing me how the open borders and multiculturalism initiatives (the latter includes what Herbert Marcuse calls “repressive tolerance” or the normalization of perversions such as pedophilia in an “anything goes” environment) are a direct threat to the USA and the red, black, and white people who created this country — as my esteemed colleague Dr. Cynthia McKinney has pointed out to me, the genocidal actions that were taken against the Native Americans; the criminal abuse of the human rights of black people, and now being applied to white people by the Zionists.

Core insights from this book:

01 Zionism seeks to destroy kinship, community, family, and ethnic cohesion in favor of chaos within which their highly closed and structured tribe can thrive. Apartheid genocidal Israel is the proof positive of their larger vision, only whites are the external target and are to be treated as Palestinians have been.

02 Jewish intellectuals (and non-Jewish intellectuals) too America away from its hard won consensus across all boundaries culture, toward identity politics and conflict across many contrived divisions.  The current spread of perversion and transgenderism is a direct  consequence of Zionist subversion intended to dilute, weaken, and destroy America's moral fiber.

03 The “anti-Semitic trick” and the contrived Holocaust myth, have been used — in combination with a most extraordinary ability to capture both entertainment and the media and academis — to repress all honest discussion of the internal threat.  Charles Lindburgh is used as an example — he was destroyed for daring to name the Zionists taking America to war against  Hitler and ultimately bribing Truman into going against every professional opinion in supporting the invention and imposition of the Zionist state of Israel on the Palestinian people.

04 Hollywood — and the control of television and the shows that serve as alternative education for what has become the idiot class — are central to Zionist control of the culture.  The book is very strong in documenting the specifics of how American culture has been subverted and warped by Jews responsive to Zionist direction. The total subversion of sexual morality culminating in today's efforts to normalize pedopphilia, are completely Zionist in orgin but have the full collaboration of elements of the US Government — including regulatory bodies — where Zionists “miraculously” end up being the deciding vote.

I am not ready to make the leap condemning Jews, although I buy into their being an invented tribe, not a race and not a religion, more like a secret society that believes itself to be exempt from all laws and customs of others. For me, in the here and now this book documents the heart of the Zionist agenda of subversion, and the importance of giving Jewish citizens a choice: be loyal to the Republic or go to jail.

Outside of this book I am impressed by Lynn Rothschild's ham-fisted but well-intentioned efforts to think about “inclusive capitalism” and I am deeply impressed by Miriam Adelson's calling out Netanyahu and his wife as crazy. They are.  They are also criminal. The  time has come for all Jews — and the USA — to shut down the invented Zionist state of Israel and champion — with Iran — the restoration of Palestine to the Palestinians.

This book, alone with others listed below, persuades me that Zionism as a cancer on humanity (and it includes the Synagogue of Satan elements in the Vatican) cannot be eliminated with two campaigns: first, shut down Israel and restore Palestine; and second, eradicate every Zionist who refuses to be loyal to their country of citizenship and the rule of law.

For the first time in modern history, the lines are properly drawn. A two-state solution is no longer on the  table. We must uninvent Israel, restore Palestine, and honor those Jews who choose — as most appear to be choosing now — to be Jews rather than Zionists.

In passing, this book also persuaded me that our President Donald Trump is fully away of the Zionist threat in detail, and this book gave me hope that our President, in his second term, will see to the eradication of the Zionist parasite in the USA.


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