Robert Steele: QAnon What Next? Marshall Masters on The Drip, The Filth, & The Noose — Salute to Sidney Powell, Comment on Epstein Case, List of 14 Presidential Initiatives UPDATE: Video & Related Links

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An Alert Reader flagged the below extract from Marshall Masters, who is a considerable talent with a history of being serious and insightful. Here is an extract from a long series of intermittent posts, followed my own comment including a list of 14 Presidential initiatives that I consider to be in planning (half) or possible (the other half).

UPDATE: Video and new links at end of post.

Q and the Quiet (Marshall Masters)

What Comes Next

Consider this, Q’s posts on 8chan have served a two-part mission. The first was to encourage honest research by Q Anons and the greater Q Community. The second was to feed disinformation and misinformation to the Globalists.

However, now 8chan is dark, so is Q and AG Barr’s strategy to fire the leakers has removed the Globalist’s last source of inside intelligence coming out of the White House, DOJ, and FBI. Consequently, the Globalists are eating vacuum and wondering what will come next, but frankly, so are we. With this in mind, let’s look one possible path to the future.

At present, we have the ongoing Huber and Horowitz investigations, plus Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch, is making inroads, and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has hired former U.S. Attorney Sidney Powell.

Powell is a force of nature, and she’s not changing Flynn plea. Rather, she’s going for a complete dismissal of the case, and at this point, the force is with her, but not the government lawyers who are ignoring the court and withholding exculpatory information. This could be pivotal! [RDS Comment: IC colleagues tell me Powell has the DoJ memo exonerating General Flynn, the Attorney General probably knows this – I believe vindication is certain.]

Ergo, because none of this is underreported or misreported by the MSM, does this mean the Globalists are getting away with this heavy-handed suppression? No, and the bill for their reckless behavior is coming due.

Given that the Globalists are presently eating vacuum and their MSM stooges are losing the public trust, where do things go from here?

8chan will return, but Q may or may not resume posting. Not because of perception, but rather, because 8chan has served a useful role and new venues will be explored.

Or, to paraphrase an old saying, “Q will dance with who brung them – namely 8chan.” Trump is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’ll get get next if you’re a Globalist, so we’ll see what we see. In the meantime, one thing about the Trump administration is that it operates much in the same way Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration did.

Roosevelt made sure the left hand never really knew what the right hand was doing. It annoyed everyone else to great lengths but it gave Roosevelt the upper hand. Trump operates in much the same manner, and he gets results.

With this in mind, what we’ll see in the coming months will be the drip, the filth, and the noose.

The Drip: If the Patriots dump all the evidence in one fell swoop, the Globalists will organize a horrific event in response and use it to drive the news cycle. This way, disclosure of the evidence will be underreported or suppressed altogether. For this reason, the Patriots will use a slow, agonizing drip process to bring out criminal charges and to expose wrongdoings. The drips will be random, unannounced, and painful so as shake the tree for low-hanging sell-outs.

The Filth: Process issues and technicalities are vapor trails to the public. They need something ugly and tangible, and the Epstein situation is a 1st class ticket to filth and lots of it. Consequently, many elites are going to take the hit and after people begin spitting on them for being pedophiles, who will care if they get tried in military tribunals and shipped to Gitmo for life? Then again, what will that say to Americans who are furious about Globalists and their minions being above the law?

The Noose: If our government is going to regain the trust of the public, fake news hysterics, orange jumpsuits, and courtroom antics are not going to convince anyone of anything. What will is a noose. The traitors must hang, or faith in our system of justice will be the one thing that actually does swing from a rope.

Between today and the next anniversary of 9/11 next year, we are going to see one of two things. Trump and the Patriots will kick ass and take names, or the Globalists kick their asses, and then our freedoms are toast.

The Globalists are immensely powerful, and this conflict is a cagey game of move and countermove. Ergo, the Patriots will only have one chance to get it right. What an amazing time to be alive!

ROBERT STEELE:  I seem to be one of a tiny handful of people that has spent several years focusing on false flag operations after being among the first to call 9/11 as an inside job and false flag operation; while also spending several years as a Commissioner and Chief Counsel with an international educational non-profit that seeks to enlighten the public about the depth and breadth of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) centered on pedophilia, torture, and murderous pedophilia. I also read a lot and with my latest briefing have concluded that over 50% of what we are being taught and told — in many cases closer to 80% — is a lie. Full disclosure is inevitable and it is starting to happen.  All of this bodes well for America and the world. Unlike the neocons seeking to start wars with China, Iran, and Russia, I believe that President Donald Trump is playing a brilliant game — however much he is not supported by the IC and the majority of the government that is still staffed with Bush-Cheney and Clinton-Obama era criminals — and that between now and Election Day we are going to see easily a dozen Presidential initiatives among which I list just a few plausible options below — the last two are naturally my favorites.

01 Asset-backed dollar, global currency reset

02 $1.5 to $3 trillion cash infusion into the US economy, bottom up

03 Sovereign debt jubilee agreed to with China and Russia but particularly extended to all the Third World countries destroyed by the Cabal that used Central Banks and the IMF/World Bank to loot those countries.

04 Student debt jubilee in the USA AND a new national training program such as Del Spurlock created under President Ronald Reagan with the joint DoD-Labor national training plan to bring the entire population into the 21st century job market.

04 Health revolution — forcing the Cabal to post prices and charge honest prices compared to actual costs is good for America, the current TV ads are typical of the lies that are the standard fare.

05 Arrests — at least one hundred of them, starting with Dick Cheney and the Clintons but also including key figures in  CIA, NSA, and FBI who have been part of the organized crime network that still exists within the USG/IC. Most of the sealed indictments are about keeping the enablers of the 1% locked down. One hundred is a good number.  Try two of them in each of the 50 states, hang two of them in each of the 50 states.  Publicly.  Very publicly. At least three each from DoJ, CIA, NSA, and FBI should be included in the 100, they enabled the decades of criminal activities by former Presidents and the Cabal.

06 Termination of Mossad, CIA, and FBI criminal operations across the USA, focusing particularly on presidential pardons for all judges, prosecutors, and sheriffs that have been bribed and blackmailed to commit treason, contingent on their giving up their bribers and blackmailers by name. We need to take down all 50+ pedophilia entrapment networks being operated by the Mossad with the full complicity of CIA and FBI.  I believe Epstein to be alive and in White Hat hands – in combination with the Adelson's finally breaking with the invented criminal genocidal apartheid state of Israel and its long-standing arch-criminal leader Benjamin Netanyahu and Netanyahu's “crazy” wife (per Miriam Adelson) the time is right to clease America of the Zionist parasite as represented by the Mega Group that funded Epstein, the Mossad, the ADL & AIPAC (both unregistered agents of foreign power) and all dual Israel-US citizens on the public payroll.  Below are my  three links for the Epstein case which has national implications; there are similar cells in each of the 50 states.

07 Redirection of the infrastructure initiative to focus on localization and self-sufficiency at the county level.  Most do not realize there is a United Counties of America emergency, and the President has the power to not only own all 435 Congressional Districts with his good works, but all 3,007 counties, 64 parishes, 19 organized boroughs, 10 census areas, 41 independent cities, and the District of Columbia for a total of 3,142 counties and county-equivalents.

08 Elimination of most if not all of the secrecy orders on patents, starting with free energy, and gradually disclosing the fact of extraterrestrial history inclusive of the negatives (the treaties that allowed for millions of humans to be trafficked off-planet).

09 Return of 75% of all lands now deemed federal areas to the states, with an agreement in place that allows sustainable development on those lands if Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) and true cost economics are the primary means for pursuing development.

10  A Manhattan project for farmers focused on using free and renewable energy to refill the aquifers and turn arid wastelands including the tribal areas into thriving green fertile lands devoid of pesticides.

11 Termination of both 5G and Geoengineering, including of arrests and public convictions (or quiet assassinations by Presidential order) of those who have knowingly sought to depopulate and sicken America and other countries.

12 Termination of the toxic vaccination programs now managed by the Criminal Disease Control (CDC), and a return to natural health. Compensation for all victims of both vaccines and pesticides with a focus on autism, Parkinsons, and Alzheimers, all direct results of commercial poisons known to be criminal.

13 — a lucky number — implement #UNRIG in time to enable over 100 Independents, Libertarians, #WalkAway, Tea Party, and others to be elected to Congress in 2022, at the same time that we wipe out Zionist, Saudi, and Central Banking  family financial control of Congress. This assures the Mother of All Landslides.

14 Reinvent education, intelligence, and research by creating a Deputy Vice President charged with consolidating all monies now being wasted on EIR for the 1% — most DARPA and other projects focused on contrivied toxic idiocy will be eliminated, and the bulk of the money focused on creating an educated engaged public that can think critically and be innovative in place. Mike Flynn, Bill Binney, and I could all make major contributions in  this area. Bob Gates is someone I would trust to be the first DVP EIR, we can forgive his relatively minor sins and move on.

A new era dawns for America. A new era dawns for Earth. God Bless our President, our Republic, and our Constitution. Time to bring values back to family, community, and our deeply-wounded democracy.

My preferred task: to reinvent education, intelligence, and research in the public interest, from the bottom up, rooted in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE).

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