Chuck Baldwin: The Religious Right Is A Blight

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The Religious Right Is A Blight

The first tarnish on the armor of my mentors in the Religious Right came in 1996, when they overwhelmingly embraced the candidacy of Bob Dole over Pat Buchanan. I was old enough at that point to start standing on my own two feet, and I took that fight to the bitter end. That story, if told in full, is one for the history books—and it forever changed me.

The power elite that control both political parties have completely mastered the Hegelian Dialectic. They have advanced architectural and engineering degrees in the designing and building of the phony left-right paradigm. They are professional propagandists and experts in political manipulation. Tokyo Rose and Joseph Goebbels were rank amateurs compared to these monsters. And Donald Trump is their greatest achievement. He is the Frankenstein who the Religious Right believes is Cinderella.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  I hold Pastor Chuck Baldwin in very high esteem and I believe his articulation of the issues with the religious right to be totally correct and as he himself documents — from  the perspective of one who was educated by and grew to maturity with them. I disagree with the good Pastor on the matter of Donald Trump being a Zionist. As I myself have  been making the case in various articles, I believe President Trump to be a pragmatist who now sees very clearly  that the Zionists — who planned and executed 9/11 and whose Epstein pedophilia blackmail entrapment operation is one of hundreds just like it across the USA and around the world — have totally destroyed the US economy, US government, and US society. Q Anon has said “Zionists last” and I believe that. I believe that Henry Kissinger was correct when he predicted that Israel would cease to exist by 2022 (more or less), and I  believe  that in Donald Trump's second term he will make the deal with Iran and Palestine will be restored to the Palestinians.  This is one reason why Nikki Haley and Hillary Clinton are on the same anti-Trump page, and why Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff (himself tainted with Zionist pedophilia matters rooted in Los Angeles) are so desperate to force the President out of office with their fake impeachment. I pray the President holds fast and is not betrayed by his own insiders  the way Richard Nixon was betrayed by Al Haig and John Mitchell. It is time for  the religious right to be held accountable: America First, love it or leave.

I continue to believe that President Trump can heal America by demanding #UNRIG Unity with Integrity (Election Reform Act of 2020) and by providing Americans with the truth and a social ecology that does not censor the truth.

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