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Sunday, 6 Oct 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. The poliitcally-motivated impeachment stuff is both a coup and a nothing-burger (except that it opens the door for President Trump to counter-attack with reverse supoenas — the Democrats have walked into a trap).  Watch for President Trump to do a global economic reset, a student debt jubille, and normalize relations with Cuba while creating a new Marshall Plan for Mexico, Central, and South America to sustainably solve the illegal immigration problem. The hype from Zionist-controlled publications (USA Today is one example, NYT and NYP another) is a sign that the Zionists understand that a Trump second term means the end of the invented state of Israel and the restoration of Palestine. In passing, the RINOs and Jeff Flakes of the world are being outed and will be destroyed in detail. Win-win. The ONE area of concern is the total incompetence of Trump’s campaign and publicity arms — he has lost the public narrative battle and the polls are now decisively against him.

Mike Pence for President?  Lying cheating ignorant lazy Mike Pence? Seriously?

Budget Busters/Economy. 

Candidates. Good-bye Bernie Sanders — always the supporting actor and a Democrat, never really an Independent — ever. Good-bye Joe Biden? Warren is getting increase in black voter support, what is not being said is that Trump’s white boy campaign staff has no clue on black voters and never will.

President Pence?  Puke.  The guy is a lazy, stupid, crooked shit. Politico is trolling the President or Bill Scher got an offer he could not refuse/

Demographics. Trump re-election said to depend on new voters – so why is the President not embracing #UNRIG as his own? Meanwhile, Democrats are losing the Independents while college student voters are doubling.

Democrats are blowing the swing vote.

Down-Ticket Impact. Republicans are resigning. Six of them from Texas. The obvious false Democratic House attacks against President Donald Trump now appear to be undermining House prospects for the future — the Republicans could take back the House.

Election Reform/Electoral College.  The ignorance of the public — and the willful deception of the media — continue to leave the Electoral College in a gray zone of stupidity. The President is elected by the 50 sovereign STATES not by the public at large. The President’s team stinks at educating the public, they are  too wrapped up in their white boy databases and ignoring Independents, blacks, Latinos, women, and those who did not vote (two thirds of the eligible voters).

Fake News/Election Interference. The Trump campaign is putting $10M into a really badly developed ad against Joe Biden. What they should be doing is focusing on how this fight is about VALUES.  Meanwhile, the Democrats are getting delusional about “President Pelosi.”  Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell and NSA are pretending that election interference comes from abroad via ham-fisted social media endeavors, rather than from within, by corrupt election managers at the state and county levels, leveraging electronic machines designed

Trump is finally getting on message with accusation of Democrats for election interference.

Impeachment/Investigations. If President Donald Trump uses the impeachment process to supoena the enemy, he could not only destroy the Democratic Party starting with Obama and Biden and Hillary Clinton (Uranium One, Libya, Syria, Yemen, all sold  for tens of millions of dollars in bribes) but also further weaken the Deep State by showing that bribery and blackmail is how the US does business — including regime change.  Q is now saying outright that CIA could be dismantled as an an agency. Media continues to focus on the one third of the eligible voters that votes, not on the two thirds that did not vote — the latter are how the 2nd American Revolution will be won and only Trump is focus on revolution, the Democrats are deeply committed to status quo ante Deep State politics.

Issues. No one is discussing issues because of the impeachment.  The President needs to avoid following the Democrats into the impeachment rabbit hole. He needs to be discussing threats, policies, costs, and futures, and demonstrate to the voters that he is WORKING.

Technology. US voting technology was designed to steal elections.  The public is not yet wise enough to demand paper ballots counted publicly on site, and the President is not yet ready to embrace #UNRIG so as to win big with those who want an honest Congress in 2022.

Deep fakes could be a small issue but it is delusional to think that they approach the degree to which Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube manipulate everything.

Fox News is totally disloyal and unintelligent — and totally against the President. We need a Conservative News Network.

Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud.

Zionist Influence on USA.


Big Picture.

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Budget Busters/Economy.


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Election Reform/Electoral College.

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Fake News/Election Interference.

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Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud.

Zionist Influence on USA.

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