George Webb: Les Wexner Rides Again — the New Mexico Ohio Pelosi Ukraine Weapons & Nuclear Contraband Network

10 Transnational Crime

Alert Reader says:

Sick to my stomach.  Mental nausea has turned into physical nausea.  I was wondering why so many interpreting agencies in Columbus OH were in the hands of Ukrainian Jews (Asist, Us Together, Access), what OSU was really about, who was behind the Wexner Center for the Arts
George Webb is tying it all together with Uranium, nukes, weapons, Walmart, Ukraine, drug and human trafficking, Epstein, Rickenbacker airport, Heinz, Pelosi, Romney and some Utah cult involved in human trafficking and serial impregnation of women, Catholic Charities and resettlement of immigrants, etc.
We have to wonder how George has managed to remain alive…

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