Robert Steele: Hats off to the Southern Baptists, Seeking to Restore Civil Christian Discourse to the Failed American Democracy

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

‘What killed American public discourse?' New report, survey examines civility and evangelicals

America's public square is a toxic place, experts say, but one evangelical Christian organization is trying to figure out how to change that.

“We hate our politicians, and we hate each other,” a new report examining the state of civility in the U.S. explains.

The new report by the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission is an analysis of a recent “Courage, Civility and our Democracy” study by LifeWay Research.

ROBERT STEELE: The President and the Patriots are losing the national narrative because the President and the GOP do not have staffs that are totally loyal to the Constitution and these staffs are also largely ignorant of the new political landscape and the urgency of getting #GoogleGestapo under control with a combination of massive deca-billion dollar fines and a completely new Web 3.0 that cannot be censored.  The Deep State is using Zionist Israel to advance war as a profit center (and source for human trafficking and trade in body parts), and the Deep State is using Zionist Israel to control both the Mainstream Media (MSM) and social media (#GoogleGestapo) so as to deprive 300 million citizens and residents of access to the truth. The current criminal misbehavior of the House of Representatives — a fake impeachment that violates every possible protocol —  and the manner in which  this fake impeachment is being reported across MSM and #GoogleGestapo, leads me to worry that the 2020 election could be lost to lies, bribery, and blackmail.

It is in my view most urgent that the President work closely with Christians particularly, but also loyal Jews who reject Zionism and loyal Muslims who are in the Benazir Bhutter spirit of reconciliation (most of what we are told about Muslims is a lie spawned by Zionist Israel), to lead a national conversation centered on the Constitution, family and community values, restoring the rule of law (including the conviction of all DoJ, CIA, and FBI “leaders” who committed high crimes and misdemeanors in spying on candidate Donald Trump and then advancing a coup against elected President Donald Trump).

Put bluntly: the President is being badly advised on the true state of America — the farming crisis is much worse than he is being told — and he is losing the narrative battle. He could still lose the election (but I believe he has a number of initiatives in waiting and have not lost hope).

My bottom line: he needs to evict the media scum from the White House and repurpose that space as I have long advised, to create a Trump Studio and truth channel — adding a national prayer officer would not hurt. I worry that he will allow known traitor (and pedophile associate) Steve Bannon back into the fold, along with losers and sexual predators Glen Beck and Bill O'Reilly. I do not believe that his staffs understand the new political landscape, the new tools of digital as well as Main Street communications, or the urgency of putting #UNRIG on the table as the non-negotiable way of putting down the two-party tyranny and restoring voice and vote to the 70% now blocked from meaningful participation in the 2nd American Revolution.

One final observation: even if President Trump is able to win in 2020, the GOP will not be able to win in 2024 the way the current demographics are going (GOP aging out, new voters tending liberal for lack of civic education, immigrants also tending liberal in appreciation for hand-outs and sanctuary). In brief, the GOP is not the answer and will not survive even if Democratic Party collapses (or is taken over by the Justice Party that is a front for the Deep State pressing a socialist agenda). The answer: integrity. Put the public — 100% of the public — back into the process. Educate them. Honor them. Listen to  them. Terminate the Deep State and the top down bureaucracy it owns.

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