SPECIAL: What can we expect from Trump? Is Pastor Chuck Baldwin also a chosen one?

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What can we expect from Trump? Is Pastor Chuck Baldwin also a chosen one?

Tehran Times, 13 October 2019

TEHRAN – Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy as well as an activist for Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), regularly answers questions for Tehran Times.

by Javad Heirannia

Q. How do you interpret the current situation between our two countries? Where is this going?

A. I believe that President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei are playing President Emmanuel Macron for the Deep State fool that he is. President Hassan Rouhani is the most perfect candidate possible to carry out a secret meeting with President Donald Trump within the USA – no one else combines perfect English, with nuclear, religious, and parliamentary experience as well as clear-cut loyalty to the Supreme Leader. I think the meeting happened and I consider everything being said in public to be theater. I believe it is inevitable for Iran, Turkey, and Egypt to be restored to their dominant positions in the Middle East while Israel is uninvented and Saudi Arabia is perhaps broken up. I want very much to see a state visit by our President to Iran within the next year, and would be quite impressed – as would the world – if General Secretary Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin were to make state visits at the same time. Iran is totally worthy of such international respect, such a joint visit by these three leaders would recognize the beginning of a new era of Iranian leadership in the region and in the world. My eight-point peace plan as published in Russia remains on the table.

Q. You seem very confident that Palestine will be restored to the Palestinians. With a Christian Zionist as Secretary of State and the alleged anti-Christ (Jared Kushner) still in the White House, what is the basis for your confidence in President Trump on this matter?

A. As much as I despise Henry Kissinger, it is helpful to remind your readers that he himself said Israel would be gone by 2022, and Palestine restored. I consider Secretary of State Pompeo to be damaged goods and on his way out. As the President would say, Pompeo is not from “central casting.” He is a very fat, very sweaty, individual with a weak understanding of global reality, surrounded by Zionists who tell him what to think. Worst of all, he chose to align himself with the lying “leaders” at CIA still close to John Brennan, and the neo-conservatives who are the enemies of the President. Jared Kushner is probably loyal to his father – Kushner has a weak intellect but is smart enough to understand that the Netanyahu’s are headed for jail, the Adelsons have withdrawn their support for Zionist Israel, and he (Kushner) is nothing without his father-in-law’s support. The President knows Kushner is a liability, I expect Kushner to leave the White House soon, ostensibly to focus on the campaign, but never to return.

Now to the meat of your question: first, to paraphrase Tolstoy, “you may not be interested in reality but reality is interested in you.” Reality in the Middle East is that Palestine is to the Palestinians as France is to the French – Mahatma Gandhi said this in so many words – and Iran is absolutely in the right with its commitment to the restoration of Palestine and the expulsion of the Zionists (not the Jews).

The so-called two-state solution is completely illegitimate – it is rooted in Zionist bribery and blackmail of both Winston Churchill and Harry Truman and should be clearly dismissed by Palestine and Iran at every opportunity just as it was dismissed when first illegitimately proposed in the 1940’s.

The below book and graphic – the book should be translated as soon as possible into Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish – make it quite clear that only a one-state solution that returns Palestine to Palestinians as South Africa was returned to its black majority – will overcome fifty years of criminality, genocide, and state-sponsored terrorism.

The United Nations (UN) is an agent of the Deep State and despite its proper denunciation of Zionist genocide against the Palestinians, is without authority, credibility, or power. The invented state of Israel has no legitimate claim to any part of Palestine and a two-state solution is absolutely against the will of God and totally inconsistent with every possible interpretation of history and natural law.

Second, as I have been writing for Tehran Times and the American Herald Tribune, Zionism is over. In the USA between Pastor Chuck Baldwin and myself and many others it is now clear that a majority of US Christians, and particularly evangelicals, are sick of the Zionist crimes against humanity including state-sponsored terrorism and the bribery and blackmail of our Members of Congress and state legislators everywhere. In addition and most importantly, the American Jews themselves, now led by the Adelsons and Rothschilds, have finally “come home” to place America First, not Israel First. The power of Israel in the USA will end when the President inevitably discloses the Zionist role in 9/11 and the fact that the Mossad – Ghislaine Maxwell – Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia entrapment and blackmail network was just the most public, there are at least another forty-nine such pedophilia entrapment and blackmail networks across the USA that will – once the President restructures CIA and FBI – no longer enjoy protection from CIA and the FBI.

Third and most importantly, President Trump is a pragmatist. He understands culture and history and politics at a transactional level, and there can be no question at all about the inevitability of the end of Israel. Palestine will be restored to the Palestinians within the decade, and they will have both Iran and our President – as well as their decades of honorable persistence in the face of genocidal attack – to thank for their reinstatement.

One reason to include China and Russia in what I hope will be a state visit to Iran by the three top world leaders is because on the one hand, both China and Russia have invested billions of dollars to establish adjacent and attractive Jewish Autonomous Zones immediately available for emigration by Jews if necessary to accommodate a total right of return for all Palestinians, and on the other hand, the USA is in the process of defining and then eliminating Zionist control over the US economy, US government, and US society.  The time has come to deal with the Zionist parasite at an international level, with decisive action, military if necessary (for example, the Golan must immediately be returned to Syrian control).

Separately the Zionist leaders of Israel appear to understand that they may be expelled from Palestine, and they have been investing heavily in a possible return of the Khazars (a form of criminal gypsy band) to the Ukraine, one reason why the Obama Administration generally and Victoria Nuland particularly spent billions destabilizing Ukraine.

There continues to be a need for an eight-point peace plan for the region that addresses the Sunni – Shi’ite and Kurdish matters while also creating a regional water authority that ends the Zionist theft of water from the Jordanian aquifer while creating unlimited amounts of desalinated water for the region using free energy, which I believe will be industrialized by President Donald Trump during his second term. Free energy will destroy the current Saudi regime and make nuclear power irrelevant.

Let me say in passing that in addition to the unification and denuclearization of the Koreas – a Chinese initiative – and the restoration of Palestine and termination of Zionist and Saudi war-mongering in the Middle East – a Russian initiative – I believe that President Trump will normalize relations with Cuba, inclusive of property reinstatement for many Americans of Cuban descent, and create a new Marshall Plan for Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and eventually South America. He knows that the only way to sustainably stop illegal immigration is to foster peace and prosperity “down there.” He also knows that the Deep State is the root cause of illegal immigration, and that we must help all countries eradicate the influence of the Deep State as manifested through the Central Banks and secret societies such as the Freemasons, Knights of Malta, the Mormon networks, and of course the Zionist networks. The restoration of America’s moral and commercial dominance of the Western Hemisphere, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, will be part of President Trump’s legacy.

Q. There are rumors of a major economic shift in the world, one that radically reduces the power of the private Central Banks that have been manipulating economies in favor of the 1%. How do you see this developing?

A. While I have no direct knowledge at the highest levels, I have been told by multiple people whom I trust that General Secretary Xi Jinping, President Vladimir Putin, and President Donald Trump – along with the group known as the Elders – have agreed on and are carrying out a Global Currency Reset that includes asset-backed currencies as long advocated by Dr. Judy Shelton among others; some form of sovereign debt jubilee most helpful not only to the USA but to many Third World countries; and other country specific initiatives of which I have no knowledge. In the USA I anticipate, before Election Day in 2020, a student debt jubilee, some form of health nationalization, and an end to the federal income tax along with the formal nationalization of the Federal Reserve (but not its debt – few people seem to understand that all the Federal Reserve notes are in fact a debt burden on the private banks that have heretofore been represented by the Federal Reserve).

Let me also point out that most wealth today is both digital and fictional. The banks have been running a massive fraud operation in which wealth could be invented at will by bank owners and transferred digitally across the SWIFT system at face value. As much as 70% of the alleged wealth claimed by the 1% is not backed by tangible assets or proper documentation.  This puts national leaders in a very strong position because military force can control who benefits from tangible assets such as land. I believe we are at the beginning of an era of peace and prosperity in which the public becomes the primary generator and beneficiary of national wealth.

There is also a major potential benefit in terms of sharply reducing transnational crime. In combination, a new banking system that does not allow fictional wealth to be created, and radically improved use of coordinated Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) between the US and Russia particularly but also including China and Iran, could lead to the eradication of transnational criminal networks, both black collar and white-collar. We are at the very beginning of finally doing intelligence and counterintelligence in service to the public rather than the Deep State. Such a capability will immediate gut the Khazarian criminal network comprised of Russians, Israelis, and Americans who are today beyond the reach of traditional law enforcement, in part because of the corruption of the US Congress and the FBI.

Q. The world is watching the Democratic attempts to impeach President Donald Trump, now rooted in an alleged CIA whistleblower. How should international observers interpret this drama?

A. Drama is the right word.  The CIA whistleblower may not even exist. There is evidence that on the one hand, treasonous intelligence officials changed the rules to allow a report that is not based on direct observation; and on the other that the actual report was written by Congressional staff or a law firm associated with the Democrats or even by Adam Schiff himself, a man known to be in the pay of foreign powers and possibly also being blackmailed by the Mossad for pedophilia. Not only does the President’s transcript not provide any basis for impeachment, but in comparison to the outright abuses of power by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton – the sale of Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Uranium One, as well as interference in Ukraine, stand out – there is every reason to believe that the Democratic Party will not survive this.

When this is all over it will be Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden as well as the Clintons who will be criminally-indicted; Adam Schiff will certainly lose re-election after being disgraced and perhaps even charged with treason; and the Democrats will cease to exist as a political party – they will lose control of the House of Representatives in 2020 and very probably break up into two or three smaller parties. If President Trump implements #UNRIG (Unity with Integrity, Election Reform Act) prior to Election Day and in time for Independents and Libertarians to be elected in 2022, the Republican Party might also break up, there are a number of Republican Members of Congress who have betrayed the Republic — #UNRIG would make it possible for the Constitution and Libertarian Parties, among others, to displace the now deeply discredited Republican Party.

The truth-teller for international observers is the amount of money that President Trump’s political campaign is raising – hundreds of millions of dollars – compared to the money being raised by all of the Democratic candidates together. The American people are voting in advance with their donations, and our President, by this measure, is certain of re-election and will absolutely never actually be convicted in the Senate even if impeached by the corrupt and arguably insane House of Representatives.

Q. President Trump promised to do full disclosure on 9/11 and has not done so. He has also allowed the Mossad pedophilia operations managed by Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein to be covered up. He has not made any arrests that have been publicly reported. How do you assess his performance in office to date?

A: No evaluation of the President can avoid his stunning accomplishments in favor of the economy, rebalancing trade, bringing jobs back to America and closing the border to illegal aliens. Having said that, he has failed to fulfil most of his promises, largely because he has been under attack from the first day, and most of the US Government is still managed by a mix of neo-conservatives and extreme leftist ideologues in constant daily betrayal of the public trust. When Jared Kushner destroyed Chris Christie’s twelve-volume 4,000 pre-qualified candidates transition plan, he virtually amputated both of President Trump’s legs. The President will triumph in spite of his enemies and in spite of his family.

Many believe that the installation of General Mark A. Milley as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), as occurred on 30 September 2019, is the final move before arrests and if necessary martial law in selected areas. I am on record as stating that I believe Jeffrey Epstein to be alive and in US custody, not vacationing in Israel.  I cannot overstate two facts: first, that the truth about 9/11 and Zionist crimes across the USA including the bribing and blackmailing of twenty-seven state legislatures are now widely known; and second, the rise of the Heartland in the USA which is white, not Jewish, anti-war, and pro-Constitution. America is in the process of carrying out a 2nd American Revolution, President Trump is the Chosen One for this purpose if he does not finish the job those elected in 2024 will.

I am also informed that a number of people have died or been “retired” to their homes and I believe that the Deep State and its Zionist under-belly are now very much on the defensive. Our President controls the military and the police; the financial strings; and the political strings. He does not control the media, which urgently needs displacement by a Trump studio and truth channel, which is the last piece – along with a number of policy initiatives – necessary to assure the Mother of All Landslides in November 2020. The one negative for me right now is the failure of the President’s team to properly communicate to and also listen to the public at large.

Q. The US Department of Justice (DoJ), as well as the CIA and FBI, appear to be deeply corrupt and engaged in a coup d'etat against President Donald Trump. Q Anon recently suggested that CIA will be abolished and its operational element moved to NSA. Attorney General William Barr has been slow to terminate the fabricated case against General Michael Flynn.  What is your view of the future of both justice and intelligence in the USA?

A. There is no question but that the DoJ, CIA, and FBI have been deeply compromised not only by Obama-Biden but also by the Bush and Cheney crime families before them. I once wrote about how there are seven CIAs. It is now known that CIA was created by Wall Street to serve as the secret foundation for controlling the US Government.  It is now known that CIA is the primary mover of both drugs and mind-control along with human trafficking across the USA going back forty years.  It is now known that the FBI was founded by a pedophile who took small children as gifts from the Mafia and pioneered political blackmail in the USA.  It is now known that the DoJ is “licensed to lie,” has been totally compromised in relation to the 1%, and also fabricated the charges against General Mike Flynn, USA (Ret), and Roger Stone while withholding exculpatory evidence.  The President is absolutely correct to be contemplating major changes.

However, as my friend Bill Binney would be glad to explain to the President, NSA is not the place to put anything from CIA.  Like CIA, NSA and the other elements of the secret US intelligence community need to be reduced by up to 70%, with all those dismissed given two-year “soft landings” including re-training toward new work elsewhere or early retirement.  The surviving elements (30% of each agency) should be consolidated under a restored Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) with the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) terminated, and a new Open Source Agency (OSA) under Presidential direction established. The National Intelligence Council (NIC) should be moved into the Executive Office of the Presidency and co-located with a Strategy Advisory Group.  The National Security Council (NSC) – which is how the Deep State controls the President’s information and options – should be abolished.

If any agency should be abolished it is the FBI. The failure of the FBI to protect America from Mossad operations particularly, and from all of the corrupt judges and prosecutors that have been bribed and blackmailed to facilitate government smuggling of drugs, guns, gold, cash, and small children, fully warrants FBI dissolution. A new national counterintelligence corps – one that cannot be undermined by corrupt state or federal authorities – is needed.

General Mike Flynn, once exonerated by the Attorney General – the case against him was fabricated and should be dismissed because of terrible misconduct by all the prosecutors including Robert Mueller – is ideally suited to become the new DNI who eliminates his own job and then becomes the new restored DCI. He served in the Office of the DNI after he co-authored the now very famous and respected Fixing Intel, and he understands the totality of intelligence, which should be about decision-support, not regime change, drone assassination, torture, and domestic blackmail.

Justice – fairness – depends on intelligence and counterintelligence done right. Today we have neither.

Q. You are known to be a very strong supporter of President Donald Trump, but also a vocal critic of his White House and campaign staffs. What do you personally see happening between now and Election Day that might force President Trump to go beyond his comfort zone to become the “greatest President ever?”

A. President Trump is surrounded by people who filter his communications and lie to him about everything. Despite his own extraordinary knowledge base, he is being blocked from perceiving the totality of the threats, policies, and true costs that he needs to comprehend in order to be the “greatest president ever.”

The President’s communications and campaign staffs stink at communicating with the US public. The President has lost – for now – the public narrative battle.  The Democrats have succeeded at persuading 47% of the public that the President should be impeached. Neither the President for the Republican Party nor the President’s surrogates are talking to the public about the fact that America is in fact in the middle of a civil war – a cultural war of values – between those who respect the Constitution and want to uphold family values, community cohesion, and state rights, and those who seek to destroy America the Beautiful with open borders, multiculturalism, and amorality – “anything goes” including pedophilia and bestiality and transgenderism (which is nothing more or less than the genocide of humanity).

A huge amount of private money is about to be spent on a replacement for the National Rifle Association (NRA) and a new 100-million strong Patriot Network of engaged educated voters that will have as its foundation a national truth channel that strives to do nothing less than displace #GoogleGestapo.  #GoogleGestapo is the combination of Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, and others that has been deplatforming conservatives, manipulating survey results to interfere with US elections at all levels, and generally disrespecting the Constitution and especially the 1st Amendment.

I look for the President to abandon Twitter and start sending Trumpets by 4 July 2020, and to impose a massive RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) investigation leading to tens of billions of dollars in penalties against Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube particularly.  I look to Amazon losing all of its contracts with the US Government and a new massive class action lawsuit against Amazon from retailers and others who can prove that Amazon Web Services is being used to actively steal intellectual property and customers from everyone else while conducting – with Google – mass surveillance of individuals and their homes.

By 4 July 2020 our President will be able to communicate directly to over 250 million US voters and residents without interference, and will also be able to “see” on a Presidential “dashboard” what they are all thinking, by location, demographic, and issue. He will be able to “poll” all citizens qualified by cross-checked Social Security validation, on any matter and “see” their views on a single screen.

The other initiative that I see emergent is a national educational tour, perhaps led by Pastor Chuck Baldwin and the Honorable Dr. Cynthia McKinney, perhaps including such luminaries as Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Marianne Williamson, and Tomi Lahren – all committed to a politics of love, a politics of truth. This national Chautauqua – a traditional form of education for rural America in the 1800’s – could also include a deep discussion of the US Constitution and the need to reinforce, modify, or cancel selected Constitutional amendments.

The President has chosen not to do this – he is very busy with matters of state – but he needs an educated mobilized public if he is to be the best possible President, organizing this needed national conversation is how I will try to help our President going forward from today.

I cannot overstate the influence of Pastor Chuck Baldwin within the Christian community in the USA. He is God’s messenger. He is God’s warrior for truth, and it is he, not me, who will put the stake in the heart of the Zionist parasite that must be expelled from the USA – and from Palestine – if we are to have peace and prosperity for all.

Q. Do you have any short concluding message for Iranian leaders or the Iranian people?

A. I am so glad that you asked this. Allow me to say that despite the optimistic thoughts that I offer above, I am acutely conscious of the fact that the Deep State and its Zionist and Vatican Satanic elements will fight us to the death. On that note I would like to point out that American conservatives and their values are closely aligned with the values of the Supreme Leader and Iran. We are particularly committed to family values and to a shared God as the infinite being whom we must all embrace as our common point of reference. The extremists here in the USA are more like Afghan village idiots with their dancing boys, uncultured, ignorant, with no higher purpose. I respectfully share the graphic here to the  side, for it captures the reality of our civil war in America – our leader Donald Trump is not the religious leader you have, but he is our leader, and he represents America as a force for good. The 2nd American Revolution is about restoring morality – values – to every aspect of our lives. Morality is where your Supreme Leader and the good people of Iran, and our big-hearted decent Americans as led by President Donald Trump, can come together in what Ron Paul would call a foreign policy of freedom rooted in peace, commerce, and honest friendship.

DOC (8 Pages): Tehran Times Seven Questions 2.1


Robert Steele @Amazon & Free Online: Trump vs. The Deep State – Recent Reflections of a Former US Spy & Marine Corps Officer (Trump Revolution Book 35)

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