Stephen E. Arnold: Is It Time to Terminate Microsoft?

IO Impotency

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Talking Down: A Specialty of High-Tech?

What problems?

First, Microsoft has warned 800 million users to install a specific patch in order to avoid terminating with extreme prejudice one’s computer. You can get ore information from the capitalist tool here. Will I trust Microsoft after it killed my computer? Nope.

Second, Windows updates have in the last few weeks killed network adaptors, printers, USB functions, and some audio features. Will a user trust Microsoft’s updates? Nope.

Third, Microsoft is lecturing at a Microsoft sponsored event for government related people. Will these people trust Microsoft when computers in their department cannot print, connect, or play a video? Nope.

To sum up, those dishing out advice about trust may want to make certain that their products and services earn trust.

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