Tom Luongo: Attack on Hong Kong is Attack on USA

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Victory or Fire: That’s the Plan for Hong Kong

Pepe Escobar has been doing exemplary work in recent months covering the ins and outs of Asian politics. His latest article covers the “Black Bloc,” their tactics and who’s likely behind them in Hong Kong.

The goal? Break Hong Kong by breaking the peg of the Hong Kong dollar to the U.S. dollar.

The goal is to thoroughly undermine China’s standing on the world stage and raise that of the U.S. This is economic warfare, it’s a hybrid war tactic. And the soldiers are radicalized kids in uniforms bonking old men on the heads with sticks and taunting cops.

Sound familiar? Because that’s what’s going on in places like Portland, Oregon with Antifa. Except in Portland the government is the one turning a blind eye to the growing violence in pursuit of the cause.

You’re destroying our streets. You’re destroying our hard-earned reputation as a safe, international business center. You’re destroying our economy.”

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