Zero Hedge: American’s New Six Part Political and Cultural Landscape

Cultural Intelligence

Understanding America's Cultural And Political Realignment

Authored by Richard Tafel via,

Understanding American politics has become increasingly confusing as the old party labels have lost much of their meaning. A simplistic Left vs. Right worldview no longer captures the complexity of what’s going on. As the authors of the October 2017 “Pew Survey of American Political Typologies” write, “[I]n a political landscape increasingly fractured by partisanship, the divisions within the Republican and Democratic coalitions may be as important a factor in American politics as the divisions between them.”

Read full article with definitions of the six new voter typologies.

Phi Beta Iota: The problem with the above, as useful as it might be, is that it is still focused on the 30% that are mobilized by the two-party tyranny, and it does not properly address the 70% who are still disenfranchised. Below are three maps — the Steele – McKinney map, the Paul Ray map from 2008, and the Michael Crane (Political Junkie Handbook) map from 2004 as slightly modified by Robert Steele for his book Election 2008: Lipstick on the Pig.

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