Andrew Garfield: Could Bloomberg Win with Gabbard & Moderate Republicans Abandoning Trump? YES!

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Andrew Garfield

You asked me to answer the question, “Could Bloomberg-Gabbard beat Trump-Pence?”  The answer is a solid YES.

Bloomberg needs a solid VP with left leaning credentials to turn out the Democratic Party base, win the primaries, and secure the nomination. A female VP would make the ticket even stronger and more appealing to the far left. Without a VP with the right credentials, Bloomberg risks turning off left leaning voters in the primaries. A Bloomberg Gabbard ticket would also appeal to Independents who are not opposed to limited gun control.

Michael Bloomberg

But the worst thing for Trump is that Bloomberg could win over moderate Republicans. He is even more successful than Trump, as a businessman, and has even deeper pockets. He does not have to take any Democratic Party or special interest funding and he can claim that he is truly independent of the “swamp”. Just as Trump did. It would be bad enough if moderate Republicans, disillusioned with Trump did not vote, it would be even worse if they voted for Bloomberg.

Here is the thing. Many GOP voters in 2016 did not vote for the GOP they voted for Trump. In many ways his base is the antithesis of traditional GOP values. Bloomberg would be the same kind of candidate. He is bigger than any party, just like Trump. Moderate Republicans and Independents would reconcile themselves that they are voting for him not the Dems.

Many moderate Republicans are not particularly enamored with Trump but they also want to vote. They will never vote for a Warren or Saunders. A Biden ticket might be enough to keep them home. A Bloomberg ticket might be enough to win them over.

I would not be surprised either if a Bloomberg ticket actually helped GOP candidates downstream, because independent and moderate Republican voters, if they were to vote for Bloomberg, would likely seek to offset that vote by voting for GOP Senators and Congressmen and women.

Look at his “village” in New York. It was from across the political spectrum. This is bad news for Trump.

Re Gabbard. She only matters to Bloomberg as a way to turn out the left. They would not be able to resist voting for him with a female leftist VP on the ticket, even if they don’t like and trust Bloomberg.

Minority voters would also find it easier to vote for a Bloomberg/Gabbard ticket. He can turn out the black and Hispanic vote for example. He did in New York. Having a woman on his ticket would also appeal to many women. He might struggle to energize young Democrats but that’s where Gabbard comes in. She could appeal to them as a woman and “progressive”.

Bloomberg/Gabbard would be a compelling ticket. He Trumps Trump on strengths like success and wealth and he can argue that he is also independent within a party He is a proven winner. And having run New York, he is not lacking in political experience. Could be a landslide.

Of course the big if would be, can Bloomberg win the Dem primaries? If he runs as an independent he likely sinks the Dems.

You did not ask me “What can Trump do to beat Bloomberg-Gabbard?”

Dr. Cynthia McKinney

You have already answered that question but I will confirm it: a Trump-McKinney ticket (or Trump supporting McKinney as a Republican candidate for one of the two Senate seats in Georgia), combined with #UNRIG as an offering to the Independents, Libertarians, and #WalkAway moderate progressives, will produce a solid landslide. If he were to add a student debt jubillee and address elderly health care debt in some fashion, while materially improving conditions in black inner cities and white impoverished rural areas, it would be the Mother of All Landslides.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I personally feel that the President is going to have to do 9/11 disclosure and show that he is defending the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments — which he is NOT doing today — while also addressing the toxic matter of Zionist Israel and Christian Zionists who are traitors against the USA, placing Israel First, not America First.  As the graphic I put together suggests, there is a real possibility of a unified coalition able to beat BOTH Trump AND Bloomberg, making a mockery of two billionaires fighting over the right to loot the  Treasury.  The Libertarians hold the key, since they alone are able to get their Presidential candidate on every ballot, but their present national leadership is so screwed up they will probably blow this once in a lifetime chance to win. I personally continue to favor Trump, but on his present course he is headed for a loss. Today is 9/11/2019.  This is my heart-felt sounding of the alarm for PresidentTrump whose team is riddled with traitors and incompetents.  To drain the swamp you first need to clean your own White House, and then you need #UNRIG — ALL of the People.

The first of the two parties to commit to #UNRIG while forming a genuine coalition cabinet committed to a balanced budget, bringing all our troops home, and closing down the police state, should win.  This election is Trump's to lose and he appears intent on doing just that, mindful that he could be biding his time until he see who the actual Democratic nominees are. He has unlimited cultural, economic, legal, political, and spirtual tools available to him, but judging by the really crappy launch of Blacks for Trump, his team still stinks and still lacks full-spectrum competency. St.

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