Mongoose: The Russian Submarine Fleet — Real Threat or US Navy Budget-Building Gambit?

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Daily Mail (UK), 31 October 2019: Russian nuclear submarines sailed past UK waters on secret mission into the Atlantic to prove they can strike the United States in largest operation since the Cold War

Mirror (UK), 30 October 2019: Putin deploys 10 heavily armed submarines for secretive mission to the US

Business Insider, 14 October 2019: Russia's submarines are getting harder to find, and the Navy is sending more people to keep an eye on them

The Barrents Observer, 14 October 2019: Russia announces massive trans-Arctic nuclear war games


U.S. Navy Submarines Are Losing Their Stealth Coatings. Who’s to Blame?

Whistleblower says Navy shipbuilders ignored nuclear submarine testing procedures for years

China's stealth drones and hypersonic missiles surpass — and threaten — the U.S.

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