Mongoose: Tulsi Who? Is Gabbard a Total Manchurian Candidate and Replacement for Obama?

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Alert Reader writes in:

Tulsi Gabbard is certifiable other 0bumma, allegedly from same place, but with phantom childhood, as with 44.   but she being under cover “home school” control, and not unlike Michey 0bumma, there are no record of her youth, nor a friend.   She appears to be 100% controlled asset and not unlike that gal on the very top of Intel food chain, her exes are deceased [or never existed?], no children though she seems a perfectly wholesome healthy woman.

Her career has been choreographed in time place and how. Surfing and Karate Champion, got Veteran stripes in Iraq yet seeing not a lick of combat?  But most critically, she is made of cover stories to fit what is needed for the times, and when necessary or convenient to new dynamics of the time, her views suddenly evolve or are outright changed, notably her stance for Pro-Life, DOMA, and the last switch-a-roo going for impeachment of 45 when she made impassioned plea that this would harm the country as an unnecessary division, a position she now attributes to be “a need for transparency” in the inquiry.

She was on Hannity last night adulating in position of the right “I want to see paper ballot…” Seriously!    That woman is up to some major manipulation of the power dynamics in this election cycle for a VP slot, third party spoiler to prop up WHO to the Presidency?   or for all the marbles of the Presidency by committee or by some compromise of the future, well, Tulsi G appears to be a complete fake.  The question is who is behind this complete fake?

Phi Beta Iota: Alert Reader raises important points.

Gabbard started as a congressional staffer, appears to have gone into the military as a political move, is not a combat veteran but rather a medical specialist who started as an enlisted person in the military police and perhaps got promoted into the officer corps by some combination of congressional patronage and special needs for administrative nurses, and is in  total violation of all military regulations regarding use of the uniform in political campaigning.

Gabbard is also a Brahmin, the Hindi equivalent of the 1%, and hence a devout believer in the caste system — her synonym for “deplorables” is “untouchables.” Hindu's also demean all other religions of India, one reason why Gabbard is despised by American Sikhs among others.

Fox News particularly  and the Trump campaign generally, are not paying attention to the details.

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