Paul Adams: Groyper Movement — America First Means NOT Israel First!

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Paul Adams

Ghost Groyper @FlashGroyper Replying to @eRepublicUSA @Jon_C_Lehman and 2 others

Yes. It took off just a few weeks ago with students asking @charliekirk11 questions during his college campus events. The trend of using the Q&A time at such events to ask leaders pointed questions from an America First perspective spread rapidly.

ROBERT STEELE: The Trumpers — AND the Progressives — are waking up to the toxic cancer of Zionist subversion across the US economy, US government, and US society.  The recent statements of the Supreme Leader drawing the careful distinction that I have always used — decent Jews faithful to the US Constitution or their respective countries (including Palestine and Iran) are not to be confused with agents of the invented criminal apartheid genocidal state of Zionist Israel) — opens the way for the restoration of Palestine and US termination of all support for Zionist Israel — US funding of Palestine — and the US exit from the Middle East as President Donald Trump has always promised — could be the “carrot” for managing the transition. End Israel.  Restore Palestine. End AIPAC and ADL. Implement #UNRIG.

Here is the graphic that led the Zionists to destroy #UNRIG six ways in ninety days, the worse being the attacks by Jason Goodman and over 400 associated cyber-stalkers that in combination defamed us before millions with search results that had “thief and con man” at the top of every search result for my name or #UNRIG, and also closed down our funding, from $98K in month one to $200 in month seven. The power of Zionism is the USA now has my attention.  America First means NOT Israel First.  End Israel, Restore Palestine, Save and Honor Jews.

See Especially:

Steele, Robert, “How The Deep State Controls Social Media and Digitally Assassinates Critics: #GoogleGestapo – Censorship & Crowd-Stalking Made Easy,” American Herald Tribune, 7 November 2017.

52 Zionist Strikes (Zionism is Not Judaism)

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