SPECIAL: CENSORED Trump Poisoned? by Mike Adams with Alex Jones UPDATE 5

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This story is being censored by the mainstream and social media that block Natural News (as well as Phi Beta Iota) from being seen by most.

EXCLUSIVE – President Trump makes unscheduled stop at military hospital to undergo battery of tests for possible deliberate poisoning of food with “time delayed” chemical agent; food tester gravely ill – White House connected source


White House Source: Trump Made Unexpected Hospital Visit to Test For Intentional Poisoning Food tester was first rushed to hospital

Jim Stone: An update to the Trump Polonium post


ROBERT STEELE: The “poisoning” of the chef / food taster could be something as innocent as food poisoning.  In Panama in 1985 or so I ate some ceviche (a raw fish appetizer) in a top restraurant, got food poisoning, and lost 10 lbs in 24 hours between vomit and shit in spastic cycles.  I barely got myself to the Army hospital in the Panama Canal Zone, collapsing on the floor like a jelly fish spazing out. They wanted to admit me.  I had agents to meet the next day so I insisted on out patient treatment.  Two bags of IV restoring all the chemicals — especially potassium — that I had lost and I walked out of the hospital as if nothing had happened.   Took six hours but presto I was restored to full duty status in time for the next day's scheduled meetings.

HOWEVER, it is now known that Mike Pence lusts for the Presidency and was an active party to the 25th Amendment soft coup discussions led by Kelly et al. It is known that Pence was talking to Jerry Falwell Junior and others about he was ready to “step up.” Our President is surrounded by  traitors and the capability a slow acting poison that would simulate natural dementia etcetera is very well known to the CIA, MI-6 (both proven enemies of the President) and others (e.g. the Mossad, Israel is now terrified that our President will make the deal with Iran after a state visit to Iran prior to Election Day — as he should.

The White House is ground zero for high treason. Our President is at risk.


Jim Stone today:

Binary poisons do nothing if only one chemical half is eaten, but if the other part of the poison is eaten it then combines and does the poisoning. That's how they would get the poison past the food testers. Obviously if it is polonium it would get past a food tester also. It is not known exactly what the poison is, only that it happened. They are positive it is a chemical agent and not bacterial.

Read full commentary by Jim Stone

UPDATE 4: Conventional media coverage — no mention of poison but excellent coverage of anomalies in the when and how of the visit.

Trump's health under scrutiny again after unplanned visit to medical center

UPDATE 5: Secret Service says potential assassination attempt

Source: Trump Was Tested for Deliberate Food Poisoning at Walter Reed Military Hospital – WarRoomShow: Third source confirms an Infowars original report that Secret Service is investigating event as a potential assassination attempt

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