SPECIAL: Gordon Duff – Shadow Government Behind Russian Witchhunt and Impeachment #RESIST Sedition? Is Trump a Genius? FISA Reports & Criminal Indictments This Week?

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Russophobia and the Impeachment of Donald Trump

What has become clear is that Trump wasn’t targeted by the Deep State but by rather something even more sinister, the vast mechanisms of the Cold War that survive to this day.

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ROBERT STEELE: Gordon is on  to something here.  It is entirely possible that our President has triumphed behind closed doors with the Deep State — the the Rothschilds-Adelsons and the Vatican-Zionist-Satanists — while still being vulnerable to the global to local network of covert operators funded by illegal activities (drugs and human trafficking) as well as the left overs from the Black Eagle Fund (previously the Black Lily Fund). In the middle are the Central Banks and other banks, the highest levels of Freemason, and other secret societies, all quite sure they can wait for Trump to pass from the scene by 2024, a bare “second” in the context of centuries of black arts and black hearts.

For President Trump to be the greatest President of all time, he must close all military bases overseas and bring our troops and their wallets home to mama; he must reduce the secret intelligence community by up to 70% while terminating all forms of covert operations including the grossly illegal presence of CIA within the USA, collaborating with the Mossad and the FBI in not just blackmailing judges and prosecutors and others, but in framing and jailing the good ones that refuse to collaborate in illegal unconstitutional crimes against the public interests.  And he must shut down banking fraud.

Here is some good news. The below article evaluates President Trump's moves in a most positive light, making the case that the President is a genius. I like the article.  The President needs a better communications staff and campaign communications team, but on balance he seems solid and ready to win in 2020.

Oriental Review: About Trump

It is my hope that between them, Michael Horowitz and John Durham have the power to gut the Shadow  Government and put people like John Brennan in jail. Senator Chuck Schumer, Zionist Israel's most senior representative in the USA, is quite right when he says the secret world can get you six ways from Sunday. I know people who have been framed and put in jail or insane asylums for telling the truth — none of them had Sidney Powell as a lawyer. In extreme cases they will simply kill you, outsourcing the job to psychopaths that we ourselves have created through endless war, never mind mind-control programs.

America is at a delicate point in its history. We are at war between those who favor pedophilia, transgenderism, a police state that ignores #RESIST, and endless war; and those who want to get back to faith and family and peace. Sadly BOTH the Democratic AND the Republican parties are “enemies of the people.” They do not represent their constituents, they are the Shadow Government along with the covert secret world and the unelected bureaucrats including Ambassadors and Army officers incapable of being loyal to America — traitors not yet indicted.

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#UNRIG is the President's ace in the hole, but he appears  to be surrounded by people who are telling him that he will lose if he trusts the public.  There is a simple solution: implement #UNRIG in time for 2022 but not 2020.  Make the deal now, seal the deal after re-re-election.

I favor  President Trump, but my deepest commitment is reserved for the Constitution, the Republic, and the need to re-instate We the People — 100% of them not the 30% that are manipulated now to fake democracy — as the foundation.

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#UNRIG Shout-Out to President Donald Trump

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