Ed Jewett: Zionist Strike 53: US Agitators & Extremists Funded by Zionists

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Maccabee Task Force covertly funded 3,200 pro-Israel events on US campuses

David Brog announced that his organization secretly funded over 3,200 pro-Israel events on 112 campuses in 2019, and brought over 2,300 student leaders on “transformative trips to Israel.” He writes: “You will never see our name on the events we sponsor…” 


The Maccabees: The Jewish Freedom Fighters

Phi Beta Iota: Mr. Brog is an unregistered agent of a foreign power and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  All those traveling to Israel should be registered as potential subversives who are at best brainwashed and at worst actively recruited to the Zionist criminal cause (never to be confused with Judaism that eschews any nationalism other than one's home country).

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