Gordon Duff: Ivanka Trump Super Spy?

Cultural Intelligence

Ivanka an Israeli Spy? Did she help write the ‘Pissgate” dossier? VT examines…

The whole story strongly suggests that Ivanka Trump has, for many years, been an intelligence operative, possibly CIA but most likely Mossad, well before her official 2009 conversion to Judaism.

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ROBERT STEELE: This seems to be a stretch, however, bearing in mind the overlaps between MI-6, CIA, and the Mossad, and the wealth and standing of her father, Ivanka Trump has certainly been a target her entire life. At best she would appear to be qualified as an access agent, rather than a full blown trained officer (#UnwantedIvanka is not where a trained officer would end up). My read is that Christopher Steele (no relation) was sniffing around. There is also overlap between MI-6 and the KGB (SVR) via the Freemason and Knights of Malta (as there is with the CIA and the Mossad). Given the long history of Zionist use of inter-marriage as a form of subversion and capture of top elites, Ivanka  Trump was doomed to be prey the day she was born. Much more interesting to me is the back story on President Donald Trump's relationship to Zionism as a criminal cult and Judaism as its primary enabler. There are mixed signals. My read is that he is anti-Zionist (but not anti-Semitic) at heart, and as a pragmatic leader sees the inevitability — as Henry Kissinger did — of the need to “settle” the Middle East by terminating the invented criminal apartheid genocidal state of Israel and restoring Palestine to the Palestinians. If he has a pulse on America, he is seeing four trends in about this order: anti-war, anti-bank, anti-Zionism, and anti-feminism (qua castration and criminalization of masculinity). We live in interesting times, praise be to God.


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