Worth a Look: SciTech – Mapping the Future with Citation Analytics (Not Something the US Secret World Understands)

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For over 30 years, we have been creating groundbreaking scientometric maps. We are leading the field by analyzing science, technology, and innovation, in order to implement data-driven research strategies.

ROBERT STEELE: The US intelligence community has never been serious about decision-support, or accessing best in class knowledge about anything.  They are a monster mix of budge-building, impunity, blackmail (of Members of Congress among others), and lip service. I knew more about Citation Analytics as a freshman in college than the various members of the National Intelligence Council know in the aggregate today.  We just don't care. Below is something that cost me $30K to create in 2007. Imagine if we had a map of top experts in all languages on every threat, every policy, every cost.  That would be intelligent. Not here. Not now.

Experts. Centers, Books

Below is a map of experts who are shown to be isolated from one another — we do not do holistic thinking or true cost economics in the USA (no one else does either). This map was created by those skilled in citation analytics, and represents value that will never be harvested by the US intelligence community as now led and and organized.


2002 Klavans (US) Tomorrow’s Hotspots: Identifying Commercial Opportunities from Science

2002 Klavans (US) Technology Mapping: A Workshop on (Open) Sources & Methods for Identifying Commercial Opportunities in Technology

Robert Steele: Augmented Intelligence with Human-Machine Integrity – Future-Oriented Hybrid Governance Integrating Holistic Analytics, True Cost Economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE)

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