Yoda: ESI Analyst Link Analysis & Timeline Presentation

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ESI Analyst – The Power of Link Analysis and Timeline Presentation

Today’s investigations involve a whole slew of various data types that are highly relevant. In the impeachment trials we hear of emails, text messages, phone calls (including duration), social media and most importantly the timing of all of these elements.

ESI Analyst takes all of these forms of data and allows investigators to search, categorize and display these elements in a way to tell the story. Organize text messages into a thread to see in-line what the conversation was about like you are viewing it on your own phone. Pair geolocation with those text messages to see where the person was around the time of those text messages and layer in other data like financial transactions, social media posts, computer activity (websites visited, data saved to a hard drive etc.) to tell the entire story.

Now you have a timeline with data that is irrefutable to tell the right story as it happened.

Case Studies:  Geolocation and text messages create better context

Text, Chat (WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat etc.) and Emails all together tell the real story: “Conversations don’t always live in one application, they can begin in text, move to Slack and end in WhatsApp.”

Graphics: View of functionality, with platform screenshots

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