Zero Hedge: Durham Seeks to Indict Brennan?


Durham Reportedly Seeking Ex-CIA Director Brennan's Emails, Call Logs Over Russian Probe

Specifically, Durham has requested Brennan’s emails, call logs, and other documents from the C.I.A. (and judging by Barr's statement that “other agencies are cooperating very well,” we suspect Durham will get what he wants.

Additionally, NYT reports that Durham is also examining whether Mr. Brennan privately contradicted his public comments, including May 2017 testimony to Congress, about both the dossier and about any debate among the intelligence agencies over their conclusions on Russia’s interference.

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ROBERT STEELE: The Attorney General is aware that most of Brennan's communications with GCHQ and MI-6 as well as the Mossad would have been via the Green Phones, Gina Haspel can pull all those records, but she has to be ordered to do so.  For those that are not aware, Brennan is a former analyst, not a case officer, who made his bones by being deputy to Buzzy Krongard in the Gold War against Russia, a $240 billion campaign to destroy the Russian economy with agents like Bill Browder in the forefront, and traitors like John McCain providing political cover. Brennan should not only face prison in the USA, he should face — along with Krongard and Browder — extradition to Russia.

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