Review: Orange Man Good – Cartoons from President Trump’s First Term BUY TODAY at Amazon, In Time For Gifting on Christmas!

5 Star, America (Founders, Current Situation), Cultural Intelligence

Ben Garrison

5 Star America's Greatest Conservative Cartoonist Charts the Ups, the Downs, the Laughs, the Criminal Insanity of the Deep State (Goliath) Against the Orange Man (David)

There are no page numbers but I estimate this is over 250 CLASSIC cartoons that are a form of conservative cultural commentary that is priceless, particularly so in the face of all the fake news and lies put out by the Mainstream Media (MSM) and Social Media aka BigTech aka #GoogleGestapo, all censoring and deplaforming people like Ben because they not only  tell the truth with humor, they do so with panache, with elan, with CHARACTER.

I cannot recall how I got to know Ben and Tina, perhaps it was in association with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) long-running campaign to defame him with a manipulated cartoon (i.e. with malice), but after he was disinvited from the White House by aides without integrity who should have been fired, I took an interest in his work. My copy of this book is a gift from the author and inscribed.

Ben and Tina are patriots.  It is not too late to support their work by buying copies of this book from Amazon, which will ship in time for gifting on Christmas. And if there is a leftist in your office or neighborhood, practice cartoon kindness, gift them a copy of this book as an act of non-violent revenge for the harm their stupidity has caused our country, our communities, our families, and our faith.

God Bless Ben and Tina, they are the cartoon minutemen of our century.

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