BREAKING: US Military Preparing to Exit Iraq

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US Army Tells Iraq It Is Preparing To “Move Out” Out Of “Respect For Sovereignty”

As it turns out, President Trump's decision to kill Iranian General and revolutionary icon Qasem Suleimani – an attack that millions of Trump's critics warned could start WWIII – might have given the US exactly the cover it needs to pull out of Iraq, once and for all.

In a letter from Marine Corps Brig. Gen. William H. Seely III, obtained by AFP whose authenticity has since been confirmed  by both US and Iraqi defense officials, the US Army informed Iraq that it is “preparing for onward movement” out of respect for Iraq's “sovereign decision to order our departure.”

See copy of letter.

Phi Beta Iota: This swings the needle toward Trump genius vice lunatic.  Esper is back-peddling, he should be the first to be fired, but Pompeo is actually the primary criminal here. Haspel simply has no intelligence or integrity.  Fire all three now!


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