George Webb: Solemani [SIC] Missiles Came W/ Alperovich Launch Codes, Negotiated On Biden Blackberries

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Recommended by Kerry Cassidy. Talks about nuclear sales under Obama, mentions Mike Flynn, scary part:  40-45 nukes sold to 8 different Sunni kingdoms as part of the Iranian nuclear deal.  Same people who want to take President Donald Trump down.  This is not about Iran — this is about individuals with launch codes across entire regions.

Transcript below the fold.  Names names. 

00:00 a little bit about this Iranian
00:01 situation if you followed our series
00:03 nothing in this in this story surprises
00:07 you we've talked about literally every
00:10 part of the Iran nuclear deal so and
00:13 we've talked about every part of the
00:15 missile deal that was done
00:17 Whitney rod again they're not going to
00:20 be obvious about this they're gonna use
00:21 proxies and so forth but the way they
00:24 got the Iran nuclear deal done the way
00:27 the Obama folks got the Iran nuclear
00:29 deal done guys who did it
00:30 we've said it over and over it's gonna
00:32 be Jack Lew it's gonna be Dennis
00:33 McDonough who are very good friends with
00:36 Peter struck by the way so we know that
00:38 going in and we know that soleimani was
00:42 a key negotiator how do we know that
00:44 because the key negotiator from the US
00:46 side we have his own testimony in his
00:49 own words be jianci on who was in the
00:51 Flint Intel group and also green zone
00:53 phones secure encrypted communications
00:55 we have him saying in his own words how
00:58 important Soleimani was to to the
01:01 discussions we have him and his own
01:03 words talking about three different
01:04 missile sites that were outfitted
01:05 between his discussions between vision
01:09 Keanu and Soleimani vision Keanu and
01:12 soleimani so there's much more going on
01:14 here people may have heard about the 80
01:16 million dollar bounty that's been put on
01:19 Trump's head they may have heard that
01:21 ruhani poll is pulling out of all
01:24 provisions of the Iran nuclear deal
01:26 people are blaming the Iran nuclear deal
01:28 for all the explosions in terms of the
01:33 Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary
01:36 Guard with its fingers and so many pies
01:38 around the Middle East all these things
01:40 we've talked about and I guess is a
01:43 preface to this the first thing I would
01:45 say is you can't think about it at the
01:48 country level if you think about it at
01:50 the country level it immediately gums
01:53 down your analytical capabilities and
01:56 also you don't end up with a solution
01:58 you just end up mad and saying things
01:59 that are irrational if you look at who
02:02 does the weapons brokering and if you
02:05 look if I saw the man to bay attack at
02:07 the Fort Operating Base there and yes
02:10 thank you very much two contractors
02:12 killed and I think a US
02:13 person we talked about Simba bass Simba
02:16 along that we talked about the Jew
02:17 jjigae bass there was Navy base it built
02:20 on the border of Ethiopia and Somalia we
02:23 talked about the Cache Valley that was
02:25 given to the bin Laden group for that
02:28 oil fields in Somalia excuse me in Sudan
02:32 so we've we've done a lot of work there
02:34 we've talked about Task Force Orange in
02:35 that part of the world and we're gonna
02:36 get there it is the answer to this test
02:39 as far as the Americans who negotiated
02:41 the deal the Iranian deal is going to be
02:43 chaste for Sauron it's the same people
02:45 that were in Somalia in 2002 preparing
02:48 for the Iraq war and that answer to the
02:50 test is going to be Peter struck we know
02:52 Peter struck senior was involved in
02:54 using Catholic family services to sell
02:56 weapons or to send weapons to Iraq for
03:00 the for the insurgency if you will or
03:03 for the sort of the covert army so let's
03:06 go back to the Iran deal because if you
03:08 don't understand the Iran deal you don't
03:11 understand what's going on in the best
03:14 response right now the deal was about
03:16 and again we only information we have
03:19 available is the information presented
03:21 to us by the people who are involved in
03:23 the negotiations we know missiles are a
03:26 part of it because Bijan Keyon was the
03:28 key negotiator on the US side again I
03:31 must have done a hundred different films
03:33 on bichon Cheon maybe more and and
03:36 Soleimani of probably 500 videos I've
03:41 done on Soleimani I've outlined all the
03:43 missile sites people criticized me for
03:46 saying where the missile sites were but
03:48 by using the Israeli plan of the cruise
03:52 missile attack plan for a thousand
03:54 cruise missiles it also identifies gives
03:55 you a rough collection of how many
03:58 pantsy our missile systems were sold you
04:00 could extract an extrapolate and least
04:03 have a basis for understanding how much
04:06 each club ke missile was and then be
04:08 able to kind of factor in and see you
04:11 know you'd be able to break down the
04:12 number 150 billion it's a big number
04:15 so I'm gonna do the breakdown of the
04:16 number I know people who have been on
04:18 the channel they've seen this 50 times
04:19 maybe a hundred times but I'm gonna
04:22 break it down again Jack Lew who was the
04:25 guy in the Treasury a second
04:27 Terry said there was about 50 to 60
04:29 billion actual real dollars that changed
04:31 hands here in this we know Russia played
04:36 the key brokering role in the
04:38 negotiations as far as providing in-kind
04:41 material that we made the Iranians
04:44 purchase and and the Iranians wanted
04:47 weapons and the conduit the partner our
04:50 joint venture partner task force oranges
04:52 joint venture partner was section we
04:55 know that we know such and use the port
04:58 the Gulf Tanner port deal to get Iran
05:02 the missile technology so these things
05:05 are not an argument the key Hezbollah
05:08 terrorists Al Attar is in is in the deal
05:10 along with the top nuclear scientists
05:12 from Iran who was kind of sheep dipped
05:18 as an Iraqi for a while
05:20 Jafar so again if you go to the names
05:23 and you follow the names and you can
05:25 start making use of the metadata and not
05:27 you know Iran says they're going to you
05:31 know go to a Chinese port in the Bahamas
05:35 and they're gonna fire club K at trump
05:37 at the White House I can't remember
05:38 exactly what the article said but
05:40 there's an 80 million dollar price on
05:42 Trump's head now you can't look at it
05:44 that way you've got to go to who sold
05:47 the launch codes who put the deal
05:49 together
05:49 and when you take apart this Iran
05:51 nuclear deal you basically unfold how to
05:54 take down the network so let's go back
05:56 to breaking down the Iran nuclear deal
05:58 this is 50 to 60 billion in Jack Lew's
06:01 own words the US Treasury secretary and
06:03 returning this these seized assets from
06:05 Iran they are the OFAC via the overseas
06:08 foreign asset control so we know it's
06:10 150 billion to start we know about 50
06:13 billion to 60 billion in cash we know
06:17 from a rue Hani's point the the bribes
06:19 that were paid to Iran in terms of cash
06:23 was only about thirty three billion it
06:27 was in five or six different foreign
06:28 currencies there was some bearer bonds
06:30 in there there was some blood diamonds
06:31 and there was basically everything a
06:32 criminal would use as near cash and they
06:36 this basically clean cleaned out their
06:38 coffers of all this near cash and
06:40 real cash in their bank accounts we we
06:44 know the banking was done in Switzerland
06:46 we know it's HSBC private bank we know :
06:49 why he is the guy who brokered the deal
06:51 these things are not in question
06:53 we know the BIR yzma is a front we know
06:55 that they're using encrypted
06:56 communications to negotiate the deal
06:59 again this is why I keep emphasizing the
07:01 fact that their weapons of mass
07:03 destruction blackberries the SCC
07:06 blackberries that are used to
07:08 communicate to the Senate cscc
07:11 in addition to other mail
07:14 servers that are just doing more mundane
07:15 things is going to be the key to the
07:18 network to me trail pair which is going
07:19 to be the key Friday night we showed you
07:21 the server where the on John's show
07:24 which Macduff show we showed you where
07:26 the server was we showed you how Dimitri
07:30 alperovitz not only has configured these
07:32 blackberries and his long history with
07:35 with encryption and doing these joint
07:39 venture deals between the JSOC guys and
07:42 the NATO guys and the the Russian guys
07:45 is this is very old ok nothing new here
07:48 ok people saw that how Dimitri
07:51 alperovitz somehow logs in to a Russian
07:54 missile system and shoots down the MH
07:56 jet in Ukraine now how does how does
08:01 crouch frank know how to do that
08:03 if CrowdStrike isn't the one who's
08:05 brokering out the launch codes for
08:06 Mogilevich and kolomoiskiy there's no
08:09 way possible they would have had to have
08:11 prior knowledge in order to be able to
08:13 so quickly diagnose that those launch
08:16 codes were used so we have somebody here
08:18 who has the keys he's the key master the
08:21 key master is dimitri alperovitz i know
08:24 i've said this maybe three thousand
08:27 times maybe thirty thousand times but
08:28 that's who has the keys to this deal
08:31 that's who brokered the deal and that's
08:32 so important to understand because our
08:34 response should be at Marissa Marissa
08:38 front company I know they're doing
08:40 energy but they're fronting the movement
08:42 of money through the organization and
08:44 more importantly they're funding through
08:46 the Atlantic Council this creation of
08:48 this dark network for doing these arms
08:50 deals again ask yourself who
08:53 the key parties that negotiated the Iran
08:55 nuclear deal and what devices that they
08:57 use by their own statements to a man and
09:00 woman they all said that they were using
09:03 encrypted BlackBerry's and they were all
09:05 compassion by dmitriyevich wouldn't that
09:08 be the first place to go wouldn't that
09:10 be the communications be the first place
09:12 to go if soleimani the key recipient of
09:15 half of the at least half of the Iran
09:18 nuclear deal money if if he just was
09:21 murdered and now he has they have enough
09:22 money to now turn around and order the
09:24 80 million dollar hit on Trump wouldn't
09:27 that be the first thing that you would
09:28 want to look at is what kind of deal did
09:30 you guys actually structure because half
09:33 of the money was in kind
09:35 mostly missiles or technology related to
09:39 missiles or missile defense or some kind
09:41 of advanced aviation or sometimes of
09:43 missile defense space aviation type
09:46 technology we've gone to the factories
09:48 we've shown you the factories we've
09:50 shown you the BorgWarner jet and how
09:52 Paul Welland gets on the jet and takes
09:54 the thumb drive if to Moscow that
09:56 channel we told you Lavrov has been
09:58 watching him for 10 years doing
09:59 espionage activities bringing over these
10:01 technologies we've shown you how to Oleg
10:04 Deripaska in told yachty has taken the
10:06 BorgWarner technology along with gk and
10:09 drive length that bomb well I always
10:12 likes to drop off a thumb drive in
10:14 Europe first before flying hunt in
10:16 London first or Manchester I should say
10:19 at GK and driveline before flying on to
10:21 to Moscow and then toll yachty but we
10:24 showed you the factories we showed you
10:26 the factors that were making these
10:27 weapons we showed you the pants here
10:29 missile launching systems we showed you
10:32 the club k4 the more stealth technology
10:35 for those missiles we told you it was
10:38 fetch and we told you was Ross Brawn
10:40 export we told you Ross Brawn export was
10:42 a joint venture it had nothing to do
10:45 with nations we told you was like the
10:48 Virginia Company it had to do with
10:49 shareholders shareholders you have to go
10:52 to the shareholders of Ross Perot export
10:54 in this 50/50 deal Gulf Tanner is a
10:57 cutout right Gulf Tanner is a cutout
11:00 it's just a way for Ross Neff to launder
11:04 money through UAE to buy the missiles
11:06 right so
11:07 we took you to Farooqi and showed you
11:09 the actual guy who's who where did he
11:11 send the mid-tier war materiel intended
11:14 for US soldiers sent it through the port
11:16 of Bandar Abbas which is the Iranian
11:19 Revolutionary Guard
11:20 so that's your preamble now I'm gonna
11:23 break it down very simply in a
11:26 one-two-three manner and I'll probably
11:28 edit to this point to start to
11:31 understand why Solon Lonnie was killed
11:32 and to stop the folks who did the deal
11:35 who did the Iran nuclear deal with
11:36 soleimani you have to understand the
11:39 around nuclear deal you have to
11:40 understand from the key participants
11:42 themselves that it the most that was
11:45 paid an actual cash could have been
11:46 eighty three billion dollars the rest at
11:49 least 67 billion was paid in kind with
11:53 missiles now I actually haven't sat down
11:55 and figured out how many pants sear
11:57 missile systems but I know at least
11:59 three key key areas a soleimani
12:03 negotiated for pants air systems and
12:05 more long-range missile systems as well
12:09 was in the northern part ring II Tehran
12:12 basically to the west there was a
12:14 missile system to protect against Israel
12:16 to the north for NATO type attacks and
12:19 from the east which would be more of
12:22 attack from like a Russia or a Pakistan
12:25 or so or someone like that anyway you
12:28 get the idea was sort of an umbrella
12:29 over Iran again this is directly from
12:33 the person who could negotiates the Iran
12:35 nuclear deal which is be John key on
12:38 again 80 probably more than a hundred
12:40 videos I did again I went and sat in
12:42 this trial not many reporters did and
12:44 that's why they don't know the details
12:47 to detail level that our channel does
12:49 and we sit there and we analysed all the
12:52 people who testified and looked at all
12:54 their CIA backgrounds and looked at how
12:55 the company they openly admitted that
12:58 six CIA guys started playing Intel Group
13:00 they are representatives those were the
13:02 lawyers the Flynn Intel group was
13:04 packaging up the privatized DARPA
13:07 technology we even had them one guy in
13:09 Flint and tall groups saying that it's a
13:12 private DARPA they were putting together
13:14 the market basket of technologies that
13:16 was gonna go the Intel that was going to
13:18 go with the missile systems
13:20 and it's just like buying hardware and
13:22 software and and that's what made the
13:24 deal happen
13:25 that's what made the deal happen so
13:27 soleimani is has a long history with
13:31 goods force has a long history with
13:33 dealing with Peter struck John Brennan
13:36 Peter struck father this is the channel
13:39 to look at it is the group at Fort
13:41 Belvoir in the defense Threat Reduction
13:44 area that's really where Ponca and and
13:48 Poetica and struck come from again
13:52 you have to focus in on the individuals
13:54 and not the countries at this point it
13:58 is going to be I believe the
13:59 communication between SCC dot
14:03 you may remember I have the blackberry
14:05 that that maps to that we have more
14:07 metadata now on the mail servers that
14:09 were behind the firewall there it's in
14:12 the 104 block of so it doesn't map to
14:16 Akamai or anything like that but there's
14:18 four servers MX servers have X mail
14:20 packets going there again you can have
14:22 three pakka three servers these ppm X is
14:26 their part of their listing if you have
14:29  three of them that are for just regular
14:33 business of the Senate but then you have
14:34 this other the fourth one is doing all
14:37 this backdoor negotiations remember who
14:39 we're talking about it's taking down
14:41 Trump again that's another clue at
14:43 metadata of who is running this game on
14:45 Trump you look at Bill Taylor who's
14:47 organized at least five states Harry the
14:50 Greeks done some great reporting at
14:52 least five states joint exercises with
14:54 Ukrainian with York reigning Defense
14:57 Forces it's I think they're up to 17
14:58 different operations the Trident
15:00 readiness exercises remember Bill Taylor
15:03 Trident defense he's the one who's the
15:06 man on Capitol Hill negotiating and
15:09 putting this package together with the
15:11 senator himself Services Committee again
15:13 if Jason wants to unpick Salette the the
15:16 the blackberry improve it's not Bill
15:18 Taylor great if he wants to prove its
15:20 not gaunter who's in Africa right worth
15:22 we're talking about earlier with Amanda
15:26 MA and DA
15:28 attack a few minutes ago then great have
15:31 him produce somebody who's known bills
15:34 who's known bill tailor 30 years ok so
15:37 again this is beyond views this is it's
15:41 time to pick so it's time to unpick so
15:43 late but even even having said that
15:45 we've traced male traffic going to the
15:48 Garmisch area we don't know if this is
15:50 the same kind of German Marshall Plan
15:53 little place that they have there for
15:55 all their their you know a little you
15:59 know what's our next covert action
16:01 meetings or not but we do have a lot of
16:03 male traffic there and it is sort of the
16:05 intelligence headquarters of Europe so
16:07 that would kind of make sense for what
16:09 WMD assessments again you can use
16:13 something that's being put in to provide
16:16 security for the people of the United
16:18 States and get two people United States
16:19 to pay for it and then you can use it
16:21 for another purpose like selling this
16:23 missiles in a joint venture the fact
16:25 that Ross Perot export is selling
16:28 selling these missiles in a joint
16:31 venture is not an argument the fact that
16:35 the key broker who's who is running back
16:38 and forth between the the folks on our
16:41 side at the Brookings Institution and
16:43 Sechin
16:44 in Moscow is Carter page who wrote his
16:47 senior paper on Star Wars it the other
16:52 brokerage on the other side on the
16:56 Israeli side being George papadopolis
16:58 these things are not in doubt they offer
17:00 a trove of metadata if you just look at
17:03 and say how is how is it out of all the
17:05 Russian retired generals there are how
17:07 was it that the same guy who did the
17:10 deal who did the laundering of the
17:13 missiles the club K missiles through the
17:14 port of Canaveral how is it that that's
17:18 the same guy that Carter page goes to
17:20 meet in in July of 2016 to smear Trump
17:24 hmm interesting well maybe they had
17:28 intelligence that he had done a deal in
17:30 the port of Canaveral and that had
17:33 gotten by sophia's and he's now anybody
17:36 who's meeting with him could be doing a
17:37 covert weapons deal so Carter page going
17:40 to see section
17:43 eight years later what seven seven years
17:45 later would certainly be an eight one
17:47 one call between the intelligence
17:48 agencies yeah of course it so he's a
17:51 Russian weapons broker he's a covert
17:52 weapons broker of course it would
17:54 trigger look at the other people
17:56 involved in the takedown of Trump
17:57 you've got Felix Sater another weapons
18:00broker Jorge nadir the UAE weapons
18:03 broker Felix a term or being the
18:05 Ukrainian of weapons broker Michael
18:08 Cohen yet another DIA weapons broker
18:11 everyone involved that take down a Trump
18:13 for all weapons brokers you're gonna
18:15 have to go to the blackberry and look at
18:18 this SCC network and look at the DTRA
18:21 and see what these people are doing with
18:23 it people say well how big is it I don't
18:25 know how big it is that's why I'm saying
18:26 we need the metadata it could be just a
18:29 small group of people it could be
18:31 hundreds of thousands we don't know it's
18:33 easy to configure the US Army and I
18:36 think there was I can't remember how
18:38 many blackberries they had but it was in
18:40 the hundreds of thousands same with all
18:42 the four Armed Forces so again most of
18:45 the time if someone is infiltrating you
18:48 with a network they infiltrated an
18:50 existing network they create a sub
18:52 domain like SCC in they might
18:56 even create a sub domain within that one
18:58 mail server within SCC again
19:01 I don't know the answer again if the
19:03 gone ters want to come forward and give
19:05 jason an interview i know they won't
19:07 interview with me that would be that
19:08 would be very helpful if if jerome corsi
19:11 wants to come forward and interview and
19:13 say why did he didn't testify at the
19:15 Roger stone trial that may be helpful as
19:17 well to understand who these real people
19:19 are that that we're working with but or
19:24 Bijan key on you can certainly have a
19:26 chat with Bijan count again remember i
19:29 go right up to be jean Keon as close as
19:32 I can he's filmed by me so you know I
19:36 was there and you know Macduff was there
19:38 because he's within 20 feet of us many
19:41 many days in a row so this isn't
19:43 something that we're speculating about
19:45 we don't have personal knowledge we're
19:47 right there standing next to the guy the
19:49 same thing with Mike Flynn as far as his
19:53 trial we're right there get
19:55 information is anyone crappy well the
19:58 SCC acronym does go back to the Senate
20:01 for a sort of a read it does turn out to
20:04 be a sort of a red phone threat
20:06 assessment group in the Senate the SCC
20:10 now we had somebody actually worked
20:13 there in the 70s which it was
20:16 interesting and wonder maybe if it's if
20:18 it grew out of the whole red phone back
20:22 then it was not a encrypted email it was
20:26 just a physical line a physically
20:28 dedicated line a virtually dedicated
20:31 line I guess it would be the best way to
20:33 say it but maybe it does come from that
20:37 area we know it's the sergeant of arms
20:39 we know the sergeant of arms group
20:41 configures the blackberries we have
20:44 names we've looked at the names of the
20:45 people I didn't want to publish any more
20:48 names but they are threat assessment
20:49 people they all have a military
20:51 background a DTR a threat assessment so
20:54 again the metadata is very strong here
20:58 to say that there could be a lot of
21:01 people here that are trying to do good
21:03 there could be a lot of people here
21:05 trying to do good it only takes one or
21:06 two Judas's in in this system that have
21:11 dual allegiances to kolomoiskiy and his
21:15 bank account in Geneva I don't know
21:19 every every I am I'm going back to my
21:23 old videos and redoing the old videos
21:25 for the purpose of just showing how this
21:28 all this information has been put out
21:29 before and sometimes I got a I got a
21:33 call from one of the viewers and said
21:36 what are you gonna say about the
21:37 missiles you know they've threatened to
21:38 shoot the missiles from off of the
21:41 Virgin Islands or wherever and they're
21:42 threatening u.s. cities and so forth he
21:44 had read some article and I keep saying
21:47 the same thing go to the guy who sold
21:49 them the best if you lose the keys to
21:52 your car there's a classic software
21:54 hardware analogy if you lose the keys to
21:58 your car where you go you go to the
21:59 dealer if you want to know how to stop
22:03 the attack you go to the dealer the
22:05 dealer has the codes they can make you a
22:07 new nuke
22:08 these newfangled new keys right the same
22:10 exact thing with Dimitri all Paramesh if
22:12 one day they don't have the launch codes
22:14 or something as a foul in their in their
22:18 setup they got to go back to the dealer
22:19 the dealer is to meet y'all pair of itch
22:21 that's exactly why these are the same
22:24 people that took down Trump I'll keep
22:27 saying it I'll keep redoing the old
22:29 videos and putting out more and more
22:30 proof but you know mark kulak has done a
22:34 great especially he's doing on PGP right
22:36 now and he's confirming everything I've
22:38 said hey Phil Zimmerman probably was
22:40 writing a back door pushed the PGP code
22:44 just much like lame-o and bradley
22:47 manning pushed out secured drop to get
22:51 everybody to use it because they knew
22:52 there was a backdoor the same exact
22:54 story with richard armitage and bill
22:56 weld for the promise software push it
22:58 out there get everybody to use it for
23:00 ordering of covert arms and winners and
23:03 letting their winners and losers lists
23:04 together and then we'll get the backdoor
23:06 will get the benefit of all their
23:07 intelligence plus ours that's why we
23:09 will control the game so yeah and Phil
23:13 Zimmerman is gonna lead back to this
23:14 these Ritchie boys I've again right
23:17 where Nate Cain is well I won't go into
23:20 it I put I put out another video so you
23:21 can see right where Nate Cain is and and
23:24 where Kissinger brought in these guys
23:26 with OSS to be translators these German
23:29 Jews and so forth it's it's a good film
23:32 again this one today is more just kind
23:37 of a knee-jerk response to somebody
23:39 asking me about the missiles what do you
23:40 think Iran is gonna do and it's not Iran
23:43 that it's almost like we failed if on
23:47 our channel if you think it's a country
23:49 it's a small group of people who
23:51 negotiated the new the Iran nuclear deal
23:54 those are the only players you have to
23:55 worry about it's a small group of people
23:57 at defense Threat Reduction agency it's
23:59 even a smaller group inside of that
24:02 called the Z division okay those are the
24:05 American players it's even a smaller
24:06 group inside of NATO and an even in
24:09 smaller group inside of the Atlantic
24:10 Council in Kiev at the Naboo crime unit
24:14 these are the key these are the three
24:16 key pieces if you will in this ad the
24:21 Russians
24:22 the fourth leg of the chair if you want
24:24 with Sechin again it's not all Russia
24:26 it's not GRU it's not KGB it's not SVR
24:30 it's sechín the Russian answer to this
24:34 test is such and the guy who provided
24:35 the secure encrypted communication and
24:37 the go-between for section was a guy
24:40 that Mike Flynn was communicating with
24:43 the I know people don't want to think of
24:47 Mike Flynn as having helped put together
24:48 the Iran nuclear deal because he put
24:51 together the Sunni side of it but he's
24:53 in Korea right now with the people that
24:56 are shipping it so to the 40 45
25:01 different nukes to 8 different kingdoms
25:03 on the Sunni side so they weren't going
25:06 to go for it unless they also had nukes
25:09 and a nuclear program and that Mike
25:12 Flynn was critical and and Kissel Yaak
25:15 is the frontman for session the frontman
25:17 for the US was Mike Flynn the guy who
25:21 negotiated from the State Department
25:23 point of view was Kerry we know Biden
25:25 was the reason why he's the special
25:27 envoy to Ukraine is not because it's the
25:29 a mark it's not because it's the largest
25:37 country other than Russia in Europe or
25:40 has the most resources it's because they
25:42 were the third largest nuclear power
25:44 after the fall of Russia and it's
25:46 because that's where the brokerage is
25:48 the reason why the deal Vasc is are the
25:50 deals are done in the naboo crime unit
25:53 desk with on Dmitri alperovitz server
25:56 that we showed you the other night
25:57 because that's where the deal baskets
25:59 where did you buy the car I mean you
26:02 want to get to the bottom of this with
26:04 these missiles who's gonna attack us
26:05 with the missiles where did they buy
26:09 that where did you buy the missiles
26:10 where what deal desk did you go through
26:13 that's who's gonna have the launch codes
26:15 if you want to defeat the launch codes
26:17 in these missiles the answer is in
26:19 Dimitri all pair of itches possession
26:22 he's the one who could undo it he's if
26:25 you if he if Dmitri could hack into a
26:27 Russian missile system to fire and and
26:29 and knock out that mh17 ed he can go in
26:33 any of these club K
26:35 and an on issue the stand down code that
26:40 is going to be the answer
26:40 Trump has to know this you say well NATO
26:44 and Atlantic Council would never use their
26:46 cyber tools against the people united
26:48 states
26:48 tell me about shadownet tell that to
26:51 Bergy tell that to james jones who runs
26:53 the atlantic council and was supreme
26:55 Allied headquarters commander for NATO
26:57 they the most certainly used cyber
27:00 weapons against the people in United
27:02 States so and and they would do this
27:04 because and here's the danger they feel
27:07 like oh we can broker this we have
27:09 control of this will have a will have a
27:11 Security Council type meeting before any
27:13 nation will be allowed to use these
27:16 weapons especially the stealth weapons
27:18 like the club K which is missile in a
27:20 box and so forth developing at Lockheed
27:22 at taxpayer expense 14 years of DARPA
27:25 maybe it's a little bit less than that
27:27 but Oh we'll have a Security Council
27:29 meeting this you're entrusting a small
27:32 group of people who aren't elected and
27:34 not in the chain of command if that's
27:35 your opinion yeah well we'll go ahead
27:38 and have a weapons Bazaar it'll be
27:40 called the Odessa Network Moglia but
27:42 you'll run it call my ski you'll be the
27:43 banker it'll be great no it's not so
27:48 great if you don't get those codes from
27:51 Dimitri you'll always have this problem
27:54 because they may say you know I think
27:56 Trump needs a little bit of a scare we
27:59 probably need to you know from the Port
28:03 of Baltimore maybe lay one in there in
28:05 the White House grounds somewhere you
28:07 know Club K in there and just just to
28:09 send a message sort of like when they
28:11 shot through the Obamas girls bedroom a
28:14 couple of times to let him know who was
28:16 boss right maybe we need to lay one in
28:19 there to get Trump to them to move off
28:20 the dime here very dangerous very
28:23 dangerous better to take the codes away
28:25 from Dimitri and CrowdStrike
28:26 than to depend on his good graces again
28:31 it's gonna be struck it's gonna be Ponca
28:33 I don't know how else to say it other
28:35 than keep producing metadata so if
28:38 anybody can if we want to look thank you
28:41 very much dr. Dave for the and and mark
28:43 if you haven't seen marks fantastic
28:47 I know this is gonna be technical but
28:49 for those technical folks out there and
28:51 mark is really breaking it down he's
28:53 gonna talk about this all this these
28:56 Trojan horses these people these tools
28:58 that were given to the user community in
29:00 the people who are fighting for rights
29:03 and fighting for human rights groups and
29:05 different things he's going to take
29:07 these tools that were given to them as
29:08 Trojan horses and these backdoors that
29:10 were written by de niz at that then bill
29:12 is named after Biden the bill is named
29:15 after Biden the Blackberry comes right
29:17 out of this PGP it and guess who the guy
29:20 is who takes over for Phil Demetri
29:22 Albuera bitch mark and had a good market
29:27 I had a good con talk about this go
29:29 watch his thing I think it's called it's
29:31 Housatonic live Housatonic Li ve and
29:37 then it's e EP 19-2 go watch that video
29:42 because it's gonna be so important in
29:43 understanding how this group came
29:45 together how they brought in PAC I aside
29:47 to actually administrate these Jack Lew
29:49 brought these back is I and administrate
29:51 these blackberries at p-tech how it was
29:53 built into the Treasury but then it got
29:55 infiltrated all across Congress all
29:57 across Capitol Hill it's gonna be very
29:58 important to understand how the weapons
30:00 network developed so we're gonna take it
30:03 all the way through and March doing a
30:05 beautiful job I don't want to get in his
30:06 way he's doing a great job and I'll
30:07 leave it right there


Robert Steele: WORLD WAR III? UPDATE 6: Tehran Times Special, Saudi Arabia Complicit; Dick Cheney COG Role? Are We Being Played? Fire Esper, Pompeo, Haspel, Depart the Middle East!

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