Review: The Shadow War – Inside Russia’s and China’s Secret Operations to Defeat America by Jim Sciutto

2 Star, Misinformation & Propaganda
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Jim Sciutto

2 Star Crap Book, Deep State Party Line

Some books just make me want to puke. This is such a book.  It is a “made for TV” party line crap book that spins the very tired and very false narrative that China and Russia (and Iran and North Korea and Cuba, armed with beaches) are our enemy. This book is explicitly designed to perpetuate the lies that cover up the real enemy: the  Deep State 1% and their agents including the Zionists, the Satanic side of the Vatican, the City of London and Wall Street, Central Banks, and secret societies. This book is disinformation.  It will engage those who have not learned (as my myself have only learned after the age of 60 and after reading over 2,000 non-fiction books reviewed on this blog) that everything we are being told by the government and the media is a lie. This book is a lie.

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It merits comment that until the American public understands the degree to which the USA has been the war criminal, committing atrocities around the world in our name and at our expense, it will not be possible to appreciate the restraint shown by China and Russia and others. Certainly they have  taken advantage of us on trade, because that is what the Deep State wanted and that is how US corporate leaders increased bank profits at the expense of the American worker — but in terms of elected wars based on lies, drone assassinations, rendition and torture, election interference and more, it is the USA — and particularly the out of control rogue elements of the FBI and the CIA collaborating with the Mossad, that have been running pedophilia entrapment operations to blackmail US legislators, judges, prosecutors, politicians and others; it is the Zionists, not the Chinese, that have  taken over all our communications and computers; and it is our own American-born traitors, elite pedophiles, and white collar criminals, that are the real enemy.


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