Robert Steele: Iran (Played by LtGen Paul Van Riper, USMC) Beat the Shit Out of the USA in 2002 — Today They Are, If Anything, Vastly More Capable

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Out of the 2,000 plus non-fiction books I have reviewed over time, two have impressed me particularly, both explaining our loss in Viet-Nam:

Review: The Tunnels of Cu Chi

Review: Bare Feet, Iron Will

Then there is the whole matter of electromagnetic and satellite vulnerabily, as well as rear area headquarters (I can cripple MacDill AFB in one night, it will take them weeks if not months  to recover — the forward area HQS in the Middle East are even more vulnerable).

This is not a game. Electromagnetically the USA has been a loser since the 1980's and that is not going to change anytime soon. Apart from military-related capabilities (satellites, exposed weapons and mobility electronics) it would be a simple matter for Iran to take down the USA's “Just in Time” logistics system as well as financial, communications, and power systems. I and others have been sounding this alarm since 1990.

DefDog: John Hamre Gets It Wrong — and Politico Lets Him Slide — “Electronic Pearl Harbor” is Original to Winn Schwartau

1994 Sounding the Alarm on Cyber-Security

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Then of course you have those pesky bio-hazards which we are NOT ready for. These will be more about panic rather than death, but in extremis Iran is perfectly capable of wiping out both people and animals with a pandemic.

Col Dr. Doug Macgregor has written the definitive book on how wars are won or lost decades before they are fought:

Review: Margin of Victory – Five Battles that Changed the Face of Modern War

And now, with a tip of the hat to Veterans Today, here is the kicker: a man I worked for, LtGen Paul Van Riper, playing Iran, destroyed — DESTROYED — the entire US military in a wargame in 2002 that was “rigged” before and after the fact to pretend the US military was “invincible”, but there is no denying the facts.  Iran as played by LtGen Van Riper kicked our ass. Today, between supersonic missiles and electronmagnetic neutralization of US weapons systems (including premature self-destruction of US nuclear missiles), this is not a war we can win.

Southfront: US Wargame shows Iran winning, beating all US forces with relative ease

I believe that President Donald Trump has been lied to at every level (strategic, operational, tactical, and technical. I believe that the Secretaries of State and Defense, and the Director of the CIA, work for Israel and the Deep State and are in betrayal of the President and the public trust.  I believe the President has no alternative but to fire all three of these individuals and negotiate a phased withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, respecting their sovereignty.

The time has come for the President to reinvent national security; reinvent intelligence; and embrace #UNRIG (electoral reform).

Robert Steele: Open Letter to POTUS on Reinventing Intelligence 4 Pages, Book, & 9 Minute Video

Robert Steele: Open Letter to the President: Reinventing National Security – New Book

I am doing what I can. If you agree that what I am doing is helpful, please do three things:

01  Submit a White House comment form urging him to talk to me and Bill Binney and Mike Flynn about reinvention matters that cannot wait.

02 Urge your favorite channels to cover WWIII-NO and the possibilities for peace and prosperity if the President reinvents national security and intelligence and embraces #UNRIG.

03 Make a donation, we are starting to invest in YouTube advertising and seeing some possibilities for rapid increases in public awareness.

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