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UPDATE 15 Thierry Mayssan.  UPDATES in order as published.



It has been my duty – and my honor – to work with such stellar strategic intellects as Col Doug Macgregor, himself a candidate for both Secretary of Defense and National Security Advisor positions during the first Trump Administration, and to be a loyal supporter and admirer of General Michael Flynn, Trump’s first National Security Advisor who was framed by the FBI and the Zionists to remove him from the White House. My observations below are informed by my past as a CIA spy and creator of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA), and by my non-fiction reading including hundreds of books on the corrupt, dysfunctional, and even treasonous US national security personalities and institutions.

Here are my conclusions:

01 Israel has been trying desperately to force a war with Iran, partly to save war-criminal Benjamin Netanyahu and partly to continue its long standing strategy of destabilization to divide and conquer the Middle East.

02 The primary war-mongering within Iraq is being done by Israel and the Kurds, with the US forces more like a supporting clown show.

03 The “campers” at the US Embassy, thankfully dispersed now, were intended to deceive President Trump into thinking that an Embassy take-over was imminent, similar to that which occurred in Iran under President Carter. Several of us helped end that theatrical show.

04 If Trump did approve this assassination, he was deceived into thinking it was the equivalent of a Bin Laden assassination (never mind that Bin Laden – and ISIS – were both created by the Zionists and the CIA with Pentagon funding and equipment) and he was not told that the assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani within Iraqi territory is right up there with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand that was used as a casus belli for WWI.

05 Trump is surrounded by four pathological networks of liars: the US Army West Point Class of 1986 (Esper, Pompeo, Urban), Christian Zionists (Pompeo, others), Zionist agents (Kushners, both of them), and CIA Zionists (Brennan, Haspel, others). While his new National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, is doing some spectacularly good work in eliminating Obama war-mongers and agents of foreign powers form the National Security Council, he may not have the nuanced grasp of history and current biographics needed to protect the President from these four networks of liars who favor war with Iran at any cost.

06 Both the US Mainstream Media (MSM) and social media (#GoogleGestapo) are committed to Zionist desires for war with Iran, and careful to cover up the true costs of our wars in the Middle East including what are known as Fallujah Babies – the result of depleted uranium used in armor plating and armor-piercing projectiles.

07 A proportional response by Iran would not be a strike on US forces in the region, but rather the assassination, within the USA, of Mark Esper. I say  this not to encourage such a reaction,, but to make clear to all those who read this article that this is what the USA has done to Iran, while also violating Iraqi sovereignty in a manner worthy of the International Criminal Court.

Below is my letter to President Trump submitted to the White House comment line this morning at 0542 Eastern Time.


Mr. President,

You have been schlonged by DoD and CIA and the US Army Class of 1986. The assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani within Iraqi territory is right up there with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand that was used as a casus belli for WWI.

If you actually gave this order, you need to consider the possibility that everyone that advised you to do so is an agent of influence for Zionist Israel, and fire them.

Right now you need to be thinking about damage control. You are NOT in control of the US Government (as JFK was told by Schlesinger when he was angry over the missiles not being pulled from Turkey as he had ordered).  Rule 1 in Washington according to Mort Halperin in Bureaucratic Politics and Foreign Policy is “Lie to the President if you can get away with it.”

Mike Flynn has a better grip on this stuff than your current team. I earnestly urge you to determine if this was a CIA drone or a DoD drone, and then very publicly fire both the Secretary of Defense and the Director of the CIA, transfer the CIA drones to DoD and terminate their use as assassination devices (most of their [alleged] successes are lies, you are being lied to).

I pray this message reaches you but have no faith that it will. I am doing my duty.  To stop war with Iran, you need to fire Esper and Haspel and put Pompeo on a path out the door. PNG’ing the Israeli Ambassador would not hurt at all.

The West Point 1986 class is schlonging you.  At the same time I believe that Gina Haspel is covering up for John Brennan and not cooperating fully in providing the available records on Brennan’s “green phone” calls to and from the UK with MI-6 and GCHQ.  Combine those with an NSA print-out of every unmasking as Bill Binney and I have recommended to the AG, and you have it all.

I am praying for you. Anyone who supported this insane strike and assassination is an enemy of the USA.

Semper Fidelis,
Robert David Steele

At this most delicate time in the history of the Middle East, I reiterate my view that the restoration of Palestine to the Palestinians is inevitable; the withdrawal of US forces and the closure of US bases in the Middle East (and hopefully around the world) is inevitable; and the degree to which our President is a prisoner in the White House, being lied to by four pathological networks, can and should be considered by the leaders of Iran, Iraq, China, and Russia.

In my view, the best appropriate response at this time is for Iraq to insist that all US forces – and all US “diplomats” as well as contractors (including particularly Exxon employees) leave Iraq. Iraq should also work with Iran and Russia to expel Israeli forces from the Kurdish zone in Iraq.

Escalation of this matter serves the Zionists – no one else. Given our President’s “capture” and our President’s vulnerability to liars – to enemies of America within the White House – to traitors – I humbly and respectfully recommend prudence on the part of Iran, and decisive action on the part of Iraq. Expel all foreigners. Work with Russia to hunt down and kill any Israeli forces that remain behind. Put the Israeli heads on stakes in the public square of Baghdad. This assassination may have been carried out by the USA, but only in our capacity as “useful idiots” in service to the Zionists.

Let this be my contribution to peace this day.

May God Bless each of us and may God have mercy on the souls of those who do great evil without understanding just how evil they have become.


Robert Steele: President Trump Being Schlonged by Israel, CIA, Pentagon NOT Iran UPDATE 3 Open Letter to POTUS Time to Fire Esper & Haspel

Why the assassination of Qassem Suleimani is such a monumental gamble: Killing the Iranian spy chief in Baghdad is akin to Tehran killing the head of the CIA on foreign soil

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UPDATE 3: WH Letters New Links

Robert Steele: White House Correspondence on Stopping WWIII

Mr. President,

You were schlonged by the West Point Class of 1986 and the Zionists. Your in-laws were no help at all. Here is what one of my most important Pentagon sources told me yesterday:

– – –

Soleimani was in Baghdad to ensure the Shiite Arabs demonstrating in front of the embassy did not carry weapons or harm any Americans. Inside Iran more than half the population is glad he’s gone, but now fears war with us is inevitable and will destroy Iran.

– – –

I lost all respect for the integrity of the US Government after Dick Cheney enabled 9/11 and then invaded Iraq and Afghanistan on the basis of 935 lies documented in the book by that title. You have been lied to.

The good news is that this can still be fixed. I recommend the following decisive steps over the week-end:

01 Call Rouhani, share the above Pentagon report with him and ask if that is true. Then assure him you were lied to and will be taking steps immediately to calm the waters.

02 Call your Iraqi counterpart, share the above Pentagon report with him and ask if that is true. Then assure him you were lied to and will be taking steps immediately to calm the waters.

03 Fire Mark Esper and Gina Haspel [this week-end].

04 Withdraw all US forces from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Bring them — and their wallets and all the support jobs — home.

05 Order the immediate cessation of all drone and ground assassination programs (you are being lied to, 80% or more of the targets are not worthy).

06 Send someone you trust that does not work for the Zionist-controlled Department of State to talk to both the leaders of  Iran and of Iraq about reparations for both the war based on lies including the Fallujah babies, and blood money for this specific assassination.

As I have zero faith in this channel, I am adding this letter to for the record.

You still have my confidence.

Semper Fidelis,
Robert David Steele

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UPDATE 4: General Was in Iraq to Stop Attack on US Embassy; Zionists Fabricated Signals Intelligence: Decision Was Domestic Political and ZERO Strategic Thought Was Present

ROBERT STEELE: DefDog #1 in UPDATE 3 is compelling evidence that the President was lied to by his Zionist-controlled advisors.  To that we now add multiple reports that the Zionists fabricated signals intelligence that is simply not credible; that the decision was political and partly to support Fat Boy Pompeo's run for the Senate in Kansas; and that no strategic thinking was present at any time. I myself have already gone on record as saying that this opens the door for the eventual assassination by Iran of our Secretary of Defense; and Thierry Maysan in UPDATE 3 makes the obvious but vital point — one I have conveyed to the White House and the Secret Service — with respect to the Zionists and neo-cons (including Pompeo) now being ready to assassinate President Trump directly, blame it on Iran, and elevate alleged murderous pedophile Mike Pence, a total dolt and captive of the Deep State, to the Presidency. On a positive note, I believe President Trump has a mastery of back channels into Iran, Iraq, China, and Russia, and this is all not going to as badly as some of us feared at first.  He now getting the truth from many of us. I still trust the plan.

Veterans Today: Faked Israeli Intercept Pushes Trump into War…Fool me once…

Gordon Duff has a very unhealthy obsession with Trump's alleged past, I recommend you ignore that and focus on the Zionist history of faking signals starting with “talking rocks” within Qadaffi's compound fabricating radio traffic with fake terrorists, much as we simulated Patton's fictitious 3rd Army during the lead up to WWII.  The Zionists want WWIII. The US public does not.

Sample Zionist/CIA bullshit :

Zero Hedge: US Officials Say Soleimani Was Planning Attacks On Diplomatic Targets In Syria, Lebanon

Breaking Defense: Israelis: Soleimani Intercept Sparked Drone Strike; US Reinforces Region

Reuters: Inside the plot by Iran’s Soleimani to attack U.S. forces in Iraq

Other headlines:

Tehran Times: Soleimani was official guest of Iraq: Judiciary

Tehran Times: Israel was involved in Soleimani assassination, says ex-IRGC chief

Tehran Times:  Washington should abandon ‘unlawful tactics’, Lavrov says in reaction to Soleimani assassination

American Herald Tribune: Disastrous Soleimani Decision will Likely Hit US Politically, Economically and in Blood

CounterPunch: After Mossad Targeted Soleimani, Trump Pulled the Trigger

There is one error in this article.  Mossad has in fact sought to assassinate this individual in the past and been forbidden to do so by the USA. What changed was the fabricated Zionist signals intelligence and Trump's obession with domestic political standing, combined with the strategic idiocy and lack of integrity of his most senior national security advisors.

Unz Review: Soleimani Murder: What Could Happen Next?

Saker nails it: Zionists will do false flag attacks on US (remember the USS Liberty — never forget the perfidy of the Zionist then or now (9/11).

State of the Nation: BLOWBACK COMING: The Illegal Assassination of General Qasem Soleimani by Trump Was an Epic Blunder Trump’s Iran War Begins

Zero Hedge: Red Flag Of Jihad Raised As 1000s Mourn Death Of Suleimani In Baghdad

Zero Hedge: “Calm, Cool & Collected”: How Trump's Risky Decision To Kill Soleimani Unfolded

ROBERT STEELE:  What a bunch of stupid fucks with no clue.  No one  — no one — understood the facts on the ground — WHY he was there — no one — no one — understood the gravity of killing a Secretary of Defense equivalent by name — and no one — no one — challenged the fabricated intelligence from Israel.  Stupid Fucks.  And the President let his ego get the better of him.  Tucker Carlson, in contrast, has his shit in one bag and get it.

CNN: Fox's Tucker Carlson breaks with colleagues and criticizes Trump's strike on Iranian general

Here is a long email from US Ambassador Chas Freeman published with permission.

This was not a retaliation, as claimed, but the pre-planned exploitation of a pretext to assassinate a foreign official designated as an enemy as well as the commander of an Iraqi militia hostile to the United States.  It was an act of war that will inevitably evoke reprisal.  Iran has already promised that it will exact “savage” retribution for the murder of a senior official of its government by the United States.  Major General Qasim Suleimani was the equivalent of the U.S. national security adviser or the commanders of  CENTCOM, SOCOM, and SOCCENT.  All are now potential Iranian targets.  In Iraq itself, the followers of Abu Mahdi (Al Muhandis) in Kataeb Hezbollah will seek their own revenge.  The fact that they are part of the Iraqi national security establishment and armed forces is not irrelevant.  The Iraqi government, already under pressure to expel U.S. forces from their country, may now find it politically impossible not to do so.  Kataeb Hezbollah is likely to be joined in its campaign against U.S. forces and officials in Iraq by other patriotic militias, including some historically hostile to both it and Iran.

The Iranian government seldom makes decisions in haste.  It is the heir to one of the world's longest and greatest traditions of politico-military statecraft.  It will make considered judgments as it calculates the appropriate asymmetric responses.  If Tehran miscalculates, which is a very real possibility, the now open but low-intensity warfare between the United States and Iran will escalate.  Those who, like Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and former U.S..national security adviser John Bolton, have long sought a war with Iran will get one.  So will everyone else.

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that the timing of the attack was dictated by the turmoil in American domestic politics.  It was preceded by three air strikes on elements of Kataeb Hezbollah for the death of a civilian contractor in Kirkuk.  None of these air strikes was anywhere near Kirkuk.  They bore the marks of a pre-planned operation looking for a pretext to launch.  Just so with the assassination of General Suleimani and Commander Abu Mahdi (whose sobriquet is “Al Muhandis / the Engineer”).  The charge that these two were planning attacks on American soldiers and officials could equally well be leveled at U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, White House officials, and U.S. military commanders at all echelons.  At what time have such officials on both the Iranian and American sides not been planning such attacks?  No concrete evidence has been put forward to justify preemptive defense againt an imminent attack on the United States.

The assassinations seem intended to appease neoconservative critics of President Trump as vacillating and weak in his response to Iranian ripostes to his policy of maximum pressure on Iran.  They provide a welcome distraction from the pending impeachment proceedings and appeal to the bloodthirsty instincts of the president's most ardent supporters.  They prepare the way for Mike Pompeo to offset his lack of diplomatic accomplishments with a demonstration of his ruthlessness to the “conservative” voters of Kansas, where he intends to run for the Senate.  In the new constitutional order in the United States, in which the separation of powers has been replaced by the separation of parties, the attack was politically expedient despite its blatant violation of the clear language of the U.S. Constitution.  The attack thus represents an extrajudicial execution that marks a further departure from constitutional government and the rule of law in the United States.

In foreign policy terms, this attack makes no sense at all.  It is not a deterrent to Iran so much as a provocation.  It pushes Iraq further into the arms of Iran and invites the humiliating expulsion of U.S. forces from Iraq.  It makes every American in Iraq a target for murder or hostage taking.  It demonstrates to the world the overt amorality of U.S. policy and the indifference of the United States to the constraints of international law and comity, especially when the object of American hostility is Muslim.  It is a strategy-free move, equivalent to beginning a game of chess with only an opening move in mind.  It is thus a reminder to the word of the witless hubris and violence with which the United States now conducts its international relations.

Americans, once the most prominent proponents of international law as the regulator of relations between nations, have now fully validated the law of the jungle.  We are now likely to experience it.

Here is a French language video that gives the President the benefit of the doubt.

“The assassination of Soleimani is an act of war. Now, Donald Trump would never have taken the chance to start the 3rd World War by ordering the assassination of the Iranian General. He would never have opened a Pandora's box, never not knowing how Iran was going to react, in the middle of an electoral period. Behind the scenes of history in these capsules. “

UPDATE 5: Esper Turns on President, Blames President in NYT CYA Article

Robert Steele: 4th Letter to White House — Esper, Pompeo, Haspel Blame President, After They Set Him Up!


Mr. President,

The NYT article “As Tensions With Iran Escalated, Trump Opted for Most Extreme Measure” with the sentence “By late Thursday, the president had gone for the extreme option. Top Pentagon officials were stunned.” is Mark Esper, Gina Haspel, and Mike Pompeo trying to pin it all on you when we know that your entire team lied to you.

The Zionists lied to you and fabricated the alleged threat. Both NSA and CIA and DIA should have and may have known that. Pompeo is a blustering fat boy out of his depth. Esper is a poser — the Class of 1986 has made it in an environment where no one is held accountable for mistakes. Haspel is just a placeholder for Brennan and his Deep State masters.

You were set up. You were lied to. It’s time you cleaned house and got strategic and intelligence support at the A level, no lies.

Had Mike Flynn, Doug Macgregor, Bill Binney, or I been in the room with you, any one of us would have told you that the Zionists pioneered “talking rocks” to frame Qadafi for terrorist communications (like we faked Patton’s 3rd Army) and NSA, which is totally penetrated by Zionists, lets them get away with this.

I respectfully urge you to listen to Tucker Carlson and Doug Macgregor and me. Invite all of us in for a conversation. You can still fix this but you need to fire Esper, Pompeo, and Haspel and make several deals fast. Your intelligence community is not only ignorant, it is treasonous. They should have told you the General was an official guest of the government of Iraq there for the funeral, and they should have also known that the Supreme Leader would never allow a repeat of Tehran Embassy take-over. The dispersal of the crowds was your truth-teller.

A number of us would like to help you. Accept our offer, please.

I am posting this letter and adding it to my master post,

Semper Fidelis,
Robert David Steele


The Times of IsraelGiven many options, aides were reportedly surprised Trump ordered Soleimani hit

Bloomberg: Pentagon Officials Stunned by Trump’s Order on Soleimani: NYT

Phi Beta Iota: This is part of the Esper-Pompeo-Haspel hatchet job on the President after they set him up with unchallenged fabricated information from Zionist Israel.

CNN: Skepticism mounts over evidence of ‘imminent' threat that Trump says justified Soleimani killing

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Phi Beta Iota: This is probably disinformation. All US troops will be on some form of 100% alert (which is idiocy) for the next few weeks.

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Phi Beta Iota: We believe that Bandy X. Lee should lose her medical license and be fired by Yale University. In an ideal world she would also be sued for defamation. She is stalking the President and practicing medicine is a most unprofessional manner.

Phi Beta Iota: Doug Macgregor: Turkey-Saudi Arabia Against Iran? China Card?

Politico: How Soleimani’s Killing Could Make a Stronger Iraq

Phi Beta Iota: Politico's commentator has no clue.  We just assured the consolidation of Shi'ite Iraq and Shi'ite Iran — the break-up of Saudi Arabia is next, and that will be a good thing. Next target: Kurds being armed and trained by Israel to subvert their host countries.

Ron Paul Institute (David Stockman): How The Donald Assassinated ‘America First'

Sputnik: Plans to Kill Soleimani Began Forming Soon After Christmas by Small Team of Trump Advisors [Led by Christian Zionist Mike Pence – Brutus?]

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Zero Hedge (Craig Murray): The USA Doubles Down On Its Saudi Allegiance

Zero Hedge: Iranian State TV Announces $80 Million Bounty For President Trump's Head

Phi Beta Iota: Has Kathy Griffin been incentivized? We continue to believe the President was lied to by Zionists and Zionist sympathizers and he needs to clean house and make this right with Iran.

UPDATE 6: Tehran Times Special, Saudi Arabia Complicit; Dick Cheney COG Role? Are We Being Played?

ROBERT STEELE: There are tiny signs emerging that we are all being played, and Wrestlemania propaganda, a Trump speciality, has come to the Middle East and the USA.  There is a possibility — at least 30% if not better — that President Trump has “made the deal” with Iran and is playing Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, in that order. I for one will never under-estimate the cleverness of the President.  One IC senior has told me that this may have been a classic entrapment by the President, sucking in all the traitors to destroy once and for both the war on Iran protagonists and the resistance to leaving the Middle East totally — close every base, bring home every single member of the US military and fire all contractors. The weak signals include multiple reports of General Qasem Soleimani years ago, but all those reports have been scrubbed from the media by (I speculate) the Zionist controllers of the media along with their CIA partners. From Robert Maxwell to Bin Laden to Epstein to Abu Mohammad Salama, the propensity to fake people's death for political effect is now well established.

The “red flag” shown below is CLASSIC over-kill, and a tiny hint to me, at least, that The Donald and The Supreme Leader have a Wrestlemania narrative developing that will not end well for Israel or Saudi Arabia.

I  expect Turkey to do well but be blocked from its ambitions to expand. Jordan is at risk for now, but I anticipate the end of Israel, the restoration of Palestine, and the survival of Jordan. I would like to see the resurrection of Lebanon. From a strategic point of view, what I am seeing is a move so outrageous that it enables what some have thought impossible: the restoration of Palestine and the complete withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. Trump's bluster about not leaving until the Iraqis pay us for invading and occupying them is just the opening act in a negotiation that should see us giving Iraq and other countries in the Middle East a trillion dollars over the next five years.  This is my prediction.  Here is my review of Matt  Taibbi's primer on Wrestlemania Propaganda as mastered by The Donald and perhaps, with amusement, also being embraced by The Supreme Leader and a very much alive General playing the ultimate PSYOP.

Review: Hate Inc. Why Today’s Media Makes Us Despise One Another by Matt Taibbi

Regardless of truth or fiction of the assassination, the President should fire Esper, Pompeo, and Haspel (for cause or for show, no difference, they need to be gone), and order the closure of all US military bases in the Middle East to be completed by 1 March 2020.  St.

Here is the rest of today's update.

Robert Steele in Tehran Times: WORLD WAR III? President Donald Trump Was Lied To, Will This Martyrdom Lead to a Restored Palestine?

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Phi Beta Iota: CRS has no clue and neither do CIA or DIA.

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Washington Examiner: 2020 boost as Trump job approval reaches three-year high after Soleimani hit

Zero Hedge: Pelosi: House To Introduce ‘War Powers Resolution' To Limit Trump In Iran

Zero Hedge: Trump Says “US Will Not Leave” Iraq Unless Billions For Air Base Are Repaid, Threatens Baghdad With “Very Big” Sanctions

Multiple Alert Readers are convinced that we are all being played, this was a  Trump master-stroke intended to shut down the Zionist and neo-cons and enable his withdrawal of all US troops as he promised during the campaign.

One source with Iranian and Iraqi contacts says that Trump can get off the hook by firing Pompeo and Esper, withdrawing from Iraq, discretely easing sanctions, and committing very privately to the restoration of Palestine in 2022.

UPDATE 7: US Leaving Iraq, Esper to be Fired Wednesday? Iranians Threaten Trump's Golf Courses. The “Deal” Begins!

Robert Steele: 5th WH Letter – Make the Deal, Mr. President!

ROBERT STEELE: Mark Esper is being stupid and will probably be fired before Mike Pompeo — we realize the President is conflicted, but it is Pompeo that put him into this mess and Pompeo would be a shit Senator. Time to dismiss the West Point mafia (class of 1986, including Urban). Iran's threat to attack Donald Trump's gold courses is hysterically funny and suggests that the Iranians understand Trump and are waiting to make the deal.  The deal will include US leaving Iraq, firing Esper and Pompeo (and hopefully Haspel), a discrete reduction of sanctions, and very very discretely, a commitment to end Israel and restore Palesine in 2022.  Solemeini died that Palestine might live. The nuclear stuff from George Webb is deep — Obama armed over 9 countries with nuclear weapons in order to garner tens of billions of dollars in bribes?

Gordon Duff: Breaking/Confirmed: Soleimani Killed on Diplomatic Mission to Iraq to Receive Trump-Pompeo Missive — BONUS Alleged Photo of Soleimani with US Troops

BREAKING: US Military Preparing to Exit Iraq

BREAKING: Iran Threatens to Attack Trump Properties — Now That Is Personal!

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What Does It Mean (Fabricator Sorcha Faal): Attack Destroying Rare American Spy Planes Throws Missing Nuke Into Ready To Explode Middle East Caldron

UPDATE 8: Trump Negotiating Via Putin, Heads of Pompeo and Esper (and Withdrawal from Iraq) on the Table

Intel Drop: Liar Liar, Trump Negotiating with Iran…Pompeo and Esper’s Heads on a Platter (updated)

Trump and Iran are negotiating through Russian intermediaries with meetings inside Syria. Putin’s visit to Damascus may well be part of this. This is a fact, live with it.

Mike Pompeo is responsible personally for the assassination of Soleimeni, who was next in line for Iran’s presidency and on a diplomatic mission to Iraq.

Trump’s only hope of surviving the “set up” is to destroy Pompeo and Esper, to leave them in history’s scrap heap with Benedict Arnold and George W. Bush.

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Other headlines:

CNBC: Energy infrastructure attacks are ‘probable’: Oil traders fear supply disruptions in the Middle East

CNN: Pompeo again declines to present evidence of ‘imminent' threat that led to strike against Iranian general

Washington Post: Money for war, but not for the poor

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Veterans Today: Iraqi PM Confirms Receiving “signed” US pullout letter…which was accepted and confirmed

Veterans Today: Will Soleimani’s killing unite the Muslim world—and inspire “the Last Jihad”?

Zero Hedge: Buchanan: If Baghdad Wants Us Out, Let's Go!

Zero Hedge: Chevron Pulls US Oil Workers Out Of Iraq

Zero HedgeHow Was Pentagon ‘Withdrawal Letter” Leaked To Iraq? Anatomy Of A Propaganda Coup

Zero Hedge: Iranian MPs Pass Bill Labeling All US Military Personnel “Terrorist Entities”

Zero Hedge: Putin Makes Surprise Visit To Syria For ‘Military Briefing' Amid US-Iran Crisis

Zero Hedge: Russia Proposes To Secure Iraqi Airspace With S-400 Air Defense  

Zero Hedge: Trump Slams Democrats, Media For Describing Terrorist Soleimani As “Wonderful Human Being”

Zero Hedge: U.S. Denies Iran's FM Zarif A Visa To Attend U.N.

Zero Hedge: “We're Going To War, Bro”: Elite 82nd Airborne In Largest ‘Fast Deployment' In A Decade

Zero Hedge: Who Started It?: A (Reverse) Timeline Of US/Iran Retaliations

Forrest Gump: Stupid Is As Stupid Does…

UPDATE 9: War Begins, Trump Was Too Slow?

ABC: Iran launches missiles at US military facilities in Iraq: US official

CNBC: Dow futures plunge 400 points after Iran retaliation raises fears of bigger conflict

Fox New: Missile attacks target US forces in Iraq, senior military source says; Iran suspected

New York Times: Iran Says It’s Fired Missiles at U.S. Base in Iraq: Live Updates

New York Times: Some NATO Troops Begin Leaving Iraq

Russia Today: Netanyahu backs away from Soleimani assassination, warns ministers to ‘stay out’ of purely ‘American event’

Veterans Today: Iran Bombards al Asad Air Base in Iraq….Home of US-ISIS Air Force

Washington Post: As Iran prepares to bury Soleimani, Iraq expecting U.S. troop withdrawal

Washington Post: More than 12 Iranian missiles launched at two bases in Iraq, Pentagon confirms


UPDATE 10: Fake Retaliation — No War — Are We Being Played?

ROBERT STEELE:  No war.  Good. But I have the strong feeling we are being played.One source says the latest attack was faked, and media given replays of rockets fired at Gaza. Time will tell.  For now I trust the President and the plan.

Below, flagged previously by Contributing Editor Berto Jongman in Europe, is the single best discussion I have seen of our President

Sylvain LaForest, “About Trump,” Oriental Review, 15 November 2019

The more I look at all the indicators, the more I believe that our President is a genius, he has back channels with Iran that few know about, and this is all an elaborate Wrestlemania flip of the media and its Deep State masters that will in the end create a prosperous world at peace. Although I do worry sometimes, my own work is generally consistent with this interpretation of our President and his good intentions.

Robert Steele in Tehran Times: WORLD WAR III? President Donald Trump Was Lied To, Will This Martyrdom Lead to a Restored Palestine?

Robert Steele: The End of American Exceptionalism? The End of US Bases Overseas? The End of Israel? Trump 2020?

Our esteemed fabricator with a gift for narrative, Sorcha Faal, appears to be picking up the same weak signals, this also was flagged by Berto Jongman.

Trump Initiated Iranian Chaos Theory Masterplan Sees Terrified Families Of Saudi Princes Fleeing To Europe

Next up: Saudi Arabia.  Zionists last. Jews to be Protected.


John Whitehead: Come Home, America: Stop Policing the Globe and Put an End to Wars-Without-End

Other Headlines:

New York Post: Offing Soleimani gives Trump an excellent chance to exit Iraq

Tehran  Times: Ayatollah Khamenei: Americans must leave the region

Tehran Times: Iran launches campaign against Instagram censorship of posts on Soleimani’s assassination   

Tehran Times: Michael Moore asks Americans not to believe Trump’s lies about Iran

Tehran Times: Pompeo orders diplomats not to meet with Iranian opposition groups

USA Today: Donald Trump on Iran: After Iraq missile strikes, let's give diplomacy a chance

Veterans Today: Dead US Contractor Who Led to Destruction of US Base was Blackwater Contractor Who Participated in Torture of Detainees

Veterans Today: The Deeper Story behind the Assassination of Soleimani

Zero Hedge: “Almost Inconceivable” That Attacks In Iraq Will Mark End Of Iranian Retaliation, Experts Say

Zero Hedge: Ayatollah Proclaims Missile Strikes A “Slap In The Face” Against “Corrupt” US

Zero Hedge: Iran-Backed Militia Fires Three Rockets At US Embassy In Baghdad

Zero Hedge: “Iran Appears To Be Standing Down” – Trump Signals Further Sanctions, NATO Engagement

Zero Hedge: Iran Refuses To Hand Over Crash Data, Stoking Speculation Plane Was Accidentally Shot Down

Zero Hedge: Iraqi Militia Leader Threatens To Target American Citizens If They Re-Elect Trump

Zero Hedge: No Survivors After Ukraine-Bound 737 Crashes Two Minutes Into Flight From Tehran

Zero Hedge: “Optically Quite Dramatic” But Officials Confirm No US Casualties From Iranian Missile Strike

Zero Hedge: Rabobank On The Iranian Attack: This Is Either Theater… Or Theater Of War

Zero Hedge: Saker: To The Idiots That Think This Is Over, It Ain't!

Zero Hedge: Stock Futures Stage Tremendous Rebound From Overnight Crash On Optimism Worst Of Iran Crisis Over

Zero Hedge: Tanker Operators Suspend Travel Through Strait Of Hormuz

Zero Hedge: Trump Tweets “All Is Well” After Iran Fires Missiles At Two US Airbases In Iraq

Zero Hedge: Ukranian Whistleblower Reveals MH-17 Tragedy Was Orchestrated By Poroshenko And British Secret Service

UPDATE 11: US To Leave Middle East Less Gulf

Consortium News (Pepe Escobar): Trump to De-Escalate: Intel Source

“It is most unlikely Trump will escalate at this point, and this could provide him with the opportunity to leave the Middle East except for the Gulf States. Trump wants to get out,” a U.S. intelligence source says.

UPDATE 12: Pompeo's Tonkin Gulf — Pompeo Judas — Is Israel Assassinating Donald Trump with Pompeo as Its Triggerman?

ROBERT STEELE: It is now clear — as I surmised from day one — that President Donald Trump was set up — lied to — manipulated — by a combination of Zionist zealot assholes and pussy seniors unwilling to call Pompeo out for being the lying Christian Zionist asshole that he is. Mark Esper, his West Point classmate, clearly put loyalty to Pompeo above loyalty to the President or the country. Now Iraq has asked us to leave and Pompeo, eager to twist the stake in the President's heart on behalf of his Zionist masters, has said we have a “right” to stay. The time is long past due for firing Pompeo, Esper, and Haspel — as I originally recommended — and ordering the immediate departure of all US troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syira, and Yemen as well as other African and Central Asian and Eastern European countries. The President's instincts have always been on target.  I pray he is ready now to clean house and get on with winning the mother of all landslides.

American Conservative (Gareth Porter): Pompeo’s Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Chuck Baldwin (Pastor): Trump's Unholy War

Foreign Policy Journal (Paul Craig Roberts): American Leadership Is Discredited — Will a New Leader Step Forward?

NEO: New Facts Change Everything, the Sickening Truth About Why Iran “Schooled” America

State of the Nation: Iraqi Prime Minister Indicts Trump for Murder One and State-Sponsored Terrorism

Washington Monthly: Pompeo Aligns U.S. Foreign Policy With Christian Zionists

ADDENDUM: Iran has admitted to shooting down the Ukrainian commercial airliner taking off from Tehran airport. We are not at all sure this is a true confession. It is possible that Israel shot the airliner down and Iran is taking the blame to de-escalate. Normally such an airline would be shot out of the sky once it is completely out of sight of the capital city but before it reaches full cruising altitude.  President Trump is known to be using back channels to avoid escalation, the only question that remains is this: will he fire Pompeo, Esper, and Haspel, pull out of the Middle East, and carry on against the Deep State, or will he continue to play the Zionist tool (rhymes with fool)?

Zero Hedge: In Stunning Reversal, Iran Admits Accidentally Shooting Down Ukrainian Passenger Jet

Zero Hedge: “I'd Like To See Them Call Me”: How Trump Used An Encrypted Swiss Fax Machine To Defuse The Iran Crisis

UPDATE 13: Iran Won War in 2002, Vastly More Capable Today

Robert Steele: Iran (Played by LtGen Paul Van Riper, USMC) Beat the Shit Out of the USA in 2002 — Today They Are, If Anything, Vastly More Capable

UPDATE 14: Ukrainian Aircraft a UK-US-IL Covert Operation to Undermine Iranian Regime

Robert Steele: Ukrainian Aircraft Shot Down by MI-6, CIA, Mossad Collaborative Effort to Undermine Iranian Regime

It is my judgment, augmented by conversations with others, that the Ukrainian aircraft, which was TAKING OFF and CLIMBING at SLOW SPEED and AWAY from the airport, was BOMBED or shot down by remote hijacking of an Iranian surface to air missile as part of a regime change effort.  There is NO WAY that an alert crew would confuse the above signature with an INCOMING, DESCENDING, HIGH SPEED cruise missile.

This was a set up.  BOTH President Trump AND the Supreme Leader are being schlonged by an out of control secret intelligence mafia in a state of treason.

PS752 Shot Down In Regime Change Attempt

As Published by MNA and at Veterans Today

Robert Steele: WORLD WAR III: Ukrainian Flight PS752 Western False Flag (Remote Hijacking / Transponder Disabling to Trigger Two Tor-M1 missiles) Update 1: Zionist Owner of Airline Accused — Onboard Cyber Hack?

UPDATE 15: Thierry Meyssan on Mutual Assured Withdrawal

Behind the Scenes of U.S./Iran Relations

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