Yoda: Corey Goode & Michael Salla Et Al on Galactic Slave Trade & Base on Mars. Full Disclosure, Free Energy Loom?

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Alert Reader recommends 2017 text summary of testimonials and video. We have no direct knowledge but retired NASA PhDs swear this is very real.

Mars Slave Labor Controversy Builds with More Whistleblower Testimony


ROBERT STEELE:  My few but priceless retired government sources assure me that we are all on the right track in demanding full disclosure of all matters related to stellar civilizations and off-planet operations, including the immediate availability of free energy at scale which changes everything.

All I can do is tell the truth as I believe it to be, have faith in God & cosmic justice, and pray for the souls of everyone now subject to Deep State predation.  Below is my lecture on 50 cosmic mind-altering books and 26 categories of non-fiction reading, including extraterrestrial, that is my offering in the public interest.


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