Stephen E. Arnold: Data Are a Problem — No Solutions In Sight….

IO Impotency
Stephen E. Arnold

Data Are a Problem? And the Solution Is?

Why do data silos exist? Several reasons:

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ROBERT STEELE:  Everyone, including Amazon,  remains oblivious — profiting from the obvious without regard to the long-term possibilities of actually creating a World Brain that connects all minds to all information in all languages and forms.  Robert Garigue and I had this nailed in 1997 but no one wanted to listen. The coherence has to be inherent in the data and as someone else said recently, protocols, not platforms, must rule. The fundamentals are below.  I was very sad when Robert Garigue dies in his sleep in a hotel room while traveling.  He was, in my view, the absolute best mind in the business at the time. I have seen no one since than that can compare with him.  Everyone today is still siloed.

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