Yoda: Was Soleimani a Hero Who Should Be Honored in the USA for Defeating Deep State Zionists?

Peace Intelligence

Alert Reader writes in:

Soleimani is the mastermind that designed the plan to defeat ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, the Israeli/CIA synthetic terrorist army of MK-Ultra/Voice of God mind-kontrolled slaves. He should have been praised as an international hero. When will the world and the American masses ever be informed that ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, was created by Israeli/CIA to serve as their synthetic terrorist army? They financed it, recruited it, trained it and armed it and provided 6 eyes satellite and NSA signals Intel all with permission of the Secret Shadow Government which was hijacked by PNACers and top NeoCons for the leaders of the worldwide Satanic Network. This is disgusting and must be exposed.

ROBERT STEELE: I am familiar with the source, a retired IC senior whose deep knowledge goes back to the 1960's. I believe this. The President is being schlonged by the Zionists and their Christian Zionist and neo-con camp followers.


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