C. Harrison-Smith: Peace, Truth, Courage, Love

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Another good interview as you are moving in the right direction! However, both you and Gordon admit that “everything we’ve been told is a lie” but you continue with ideas that do not acknowledge this reality.

I’ve spent more than 30 years in IT, starting in banking and moving to the military as a contractor.

Let’s use some simple IF-THEN programming logic.

If you consider that everything we’ve been told and taught is a lie, then:

1)    It is unreasonable to expect Amazon to empower the individual user.

2)    They can’t and won’t listen because they have a different agenda and they are under the control of a malevolent ET force that has lost control of the planet.


The rulers of this planet received an ultimatum to clean things up and set humans free. Humanity must prepare for the great solar flash. This is a cosmic decree. The current battle continues only because those enslaving humans believe they can still hold on to some modicum of enslavement because they don’t understand that it is ALL OVER for them.

The governments of this world must voluntarily change, or, they will suffer a very sudden and catastrophic collapse and loss of their power grid from cosmic sources; thus Amazon and all of the other alphabet agencies and digital gulags will become dust, just as their ‘seed vaults’ now flood and become useless.

President Trump is literally trying to save what he can of this existing reality while trying to soften the blow to the minds of the masses of what is to come. It is difficult for him to tell the dominant group that everything they’ve been told is a lie. It destroys their sense of superiority.

The world as we know it, is an ET experiment with America being their crowning achievement  of obtaining ‘glory' through negative frequencies (lies, war, theft, enslavement of others, etc.).

These negative ETs HOPE AND PRAY that the dominant groups currently entrained through mind programming to love this reality and everything within it, will fail to make the necessary internal mental and spiritual changes prior to the great solar flash so that they can harvest these souls for the Moon and Mars since they won't be able to withstand the solar changes.

The negative ETs played on the natural human emotion of ‘desire’ to encourage our consumption of all things including materialism, which in turn creates waste and pollution used to terraform our planet; unbeknownst to us. That's why our food, air, water and soil are poisoned. They suppressed the practice of meditation because it neutralizes desires which would cause us to withdraw from their game.

Everything modern man views as “genius”, “progress”, “high culture”, etc., are simply dressed up ways that these negative ETs use to get humans to do their bidding in destroying the earth and our own species.

Just look at the devastating effects with Physics. Everything we thought we knew about it was so wrong that we must start all over. And the same thing goes for a million other things. Pharmaceuticals kill. Sun screen actually causes cancer. Milk actually destroys your bones, and so on and so on. Hell, even the carpeting on our floors is designed to kill us slowly over a long period of time. What in the hell is so “Great” or “Smart” about that?

Everything is energy and it’s all about FREQUENCIES.

The Yogis of India make one thing clear: Superiority Complexes DEMAND suffering as there must be someone beneath the superior one in some way, in order for the one who feels superior to feel good about themselves. For this reason, we cannot and will not enter the Golden Age of Peace with any superiority complexes remaining on this planet.

These negative ETs used colorism, (called racism, which is false as there is only one human race), to separate humans and keep us divided and weak, while using those least in touch with their inner selves to destroy the others.

Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc., are CIA creations with the intent of gathering sufficient amounts of data to create another simulated matrix of humanity on Mars once they are booted off this planet. They have always been aware of the end game, it’s just very difficult for their offspring and minions to give up.

This is not their fault. They were created to play the roles that they are playing in this cosmic drama just as you and I are playing our roles. They just need to understand that this cosmic drama is over and its time to take off their costumes and move on. The fate that awaits them should they fail to leave the planet prior to the arrival of the flash is hideous and gruesome for them and all that look at them.

We must have truth and reconciliation so that we can forgive them and let them go en masse to the Moon and then Mars and we must help them get their safely.

The Khazars must be forgiven for their Chosen People lie and their destruction of the Palestinian people. There are no Khazars alive today that had anything to do with creating this massive lie. They were all born into it. What child would not believe something his parents told him? In no way does this excuse their criminal actions, but retribution is an endless cycle and only truth and reconciliation can bring this drama to an end.

The Evangelicals must be forgiven for worshiping the Khazars as Jews and hurting all others.

We must all forgive ourselves so that we can move forward, but before we can do this we must acknowledge the ugly brutal truth of how we got to this point. Otherwise truth and reconciliation won’t work. We cannot run away from or wallow in guilt and shame, but we must allow the guilt and shame to motivate us to make permanent meaningful change and this takes tremendous courage.

Amazon is toast on this planet.  As are the others.

Their technology does not bring us together, it isolates us.  It is because of this isolation coupled with being dumbed down that Americans have been so slow to engage in nationwide strikes like other nations.

The Hopi Indian Prophecy of the White Man destroying himself will play out on Mars, not on earth. That’s why the prophecy rock depicts a split in the line with the unawakened Whites moving to the upper line that leads to self-destruction. Those Whites who wake up and join the human family in humility and cooperation, will remain on the earth. https://www.crystalinks.com/hopi2.html

This is also why Deagle.com shows an 86% drop in the USA population by 2025.

If we can find the courage to start being more forthright about these things, we can be more effective at helping the likes of Bezos and others, to pack their bags and get on the next rocket ship to the Moon. The offspring of the Fallen Angels don’t have the capacity to change and it’s not their fault.

I would like to focus on reducing that 84% drop to somewhere around 20-30% but that can’t happen as long as people are afraid to speak the truth.

Peace requires truth, truth requires courage and strength of character, and these require tremendous love.

Love is the answer. We must fill our hearts with love so that we love each other so much that we are willing to stand up and speak the truth.

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