Anthony Judge: Is Julian Assange Being Tried as Jesus Was? The Record and the Conclusion . . .

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Anthony Judge

Extradition and Trial of Julian Assange

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Speaking truth to power: key role of women in an historic psychodrama

As noted above, the compilation of commentaries developed from a speculative dramatic take on the case against Julian Assange (Trial of Julian Assange — Who is the Pontius Pilate of Easter 2019? 2019). A degree of comparison was suggested with the historic trial of Jesus. Of interest in this variant — in psychodramatic terms — is the switch from the key role of men in the scenario of the past to the key role of women in the present case. Also appropriate to the tangled tales of a psychodrama is the gender identity transformation of Assange’s loyal collaborator — from Bradley Manning to Chelsea Manning in 2013. It appears that the US Grand Jury responsible for the final trial of Julian Assange is however primarily directed by men (WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Charged in 18-Count Superseding Indictment, 23 May 2019).

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