DefDog: Zionist Israel Welcomes Jewish American Pedophiles Escaping Justice — Is There a Child Sex Slave Colony in Zionist Israel? Zionist Strike #57

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How Jewish American pedophiles hide from justice in Israel

A CBS News investigation has found that many accused American pedophiles flee to Israel, and bringing them to justice can be difficult.

Jewish Community Watch (JCW), an American organization that tracks accused pedophiles, has been trying for years to find Karow and help bring him to justice.

JCW says Karow and other wanted men and women have been able to exploit a right known as the Law of Return, whereby any Jewish person can move to Israel and automatically gain citizenship.

Since the small organization started tracking accused pedophiles in 2014, it says more than 60 have fled from the U.S. to Israel. Given its limited resources to identify these individuals, JCW says the actual number is likely much larger.

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Phi Beta Iota: Tip of the Hat to Jewish Community Watch (JCW) — most Jews today appear to be rejecting Zionism as incompatible with Judaism, and we anticipate both the expulsion of Zionists (never to be confused with Jews) from the USA, and the restoration of Palestine to the Palestinians, with law-abiding Jews embraces as full citizens with all rights protected.

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